A Glimpse into the Minds of “Social Justice Warriors” at the University of Texas

A Glimpse into the Minds of “Social Justice Warriors” at the University of Texas
The University of Texas at Austin

On Halloween night, someone shot a man in the West Campus neighborhood near the University of Texas at Austin. According to KXAN news, the injuries were “serious, but not life threatening.”

Austin’s CBS television station told the story in matter-of-fact tones.

A Routine Case – An Insane Reaction

“The Austin Police Department is investigating a shooting that left one person injured late Halloween night near the west campus of the University of Texas in Austin.

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“According to UTPD, they became aware that APD responded to a report of a person shot at West 22nd Street and Pearl Street around 11:45 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 31. The shooting victim was transported to an area hospital where they received medical attention.”

The following day, the university president, Jay Hartzell, took action. Surprisingly, in light of the state of many university campuses today, that action made sense. The Austin Chronicle quoted him. “The safety of our campus community remains a top priority for the university. In light of recent events, I am directing UTPD to increase its patrol in the West Campus area and develop additional options to enhance safety for our students.”

In a sane world, such a move would calm the fears of both students and parents. The minds of the “social justice warriors” that breed leftist opinions are not sane places.

Three days after President Hartzell’s announcement, the “wokesters” gathered to protest, forming a group called “Cops Off Campus.” According to Campus Reform, they demand “that all campus police be removed in order to increase class consciousness and achieve socialism.”

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Woke Suppositions that Defy Logic

Like all good activists, they have a chant. “We don’t want this fascist nation; we want total liberation!” “John,” a spokesman for the group, added that having more police on campus “would make shootings more common because there is less money going to mental health services.”

Along with a flier stating “The Police Do Not Protect Us!” the activists included a QR code that takes interested people to a “zine” (short for e-magazine) titled Eyes Upon You: A Zine About the Troubled Past and Present of the University of Texas at Austin.

Since the basis of the protest had to do with the police, this author decided to look at two articles on that topic, “On Policing and Carcerality at UT Austin by Meghan Nguyen” and “‘The Police Serve and Protect us’ and ‘Public Safety’ by Liberation Coalition.” (Grammatical and usage errors in the originals.)

Myths of Repression 

Miss Nguyen’s article begins with a roll call of heroes and victims, according to the “woke” worldview. 

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“[W]e challenge the UT Austin administration’s commitment to—and use of—policing and punishment, which serves as a way to reproduce and rectify structural norms, which (in part) are white supremacist, heteronormative, cis-gendered and patriarchal. Policing, punishment at the University of Texas at Austin disproportionately violates Black, brown, Indigenous, queer, trans, disabled and poor people and ultimately renders all members of the educational campuses and their surrounding communities less safe.”

Having made these blanket accusations, Miss Nguyen does nothing to prove them. Her worldview holds that numerical quantification and objectivity are evidence of “toxic whiteness,” as defined by the Smithsonian Institution.

She mentions protests in 1965, 1967, 1970, 1999 and 2019 in which she accuses the authorities of “repression” because they acted to restore order. At first blush, that list of dates looks somewhat impressive – a half-century of apparent tyranny. However, a little reflection causes one to realize that Miss Nguyen gives no context for these incidents, only the dates.

Omit Context – Add Marxism

The article, written by the “Liberation Coalition,” makes Miss Nguyen’s analysis look exhaustive. They don’t use the word “Marxist” within the article, but its Marxist roots are readily apparent in the first paragraph.

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“It’s impossible to understand US policing without understanding the much bigger picture that is the worldwide capitalist system. As soon as we even phrase the police as providers of ‘public safety,’ we have already gone wrong. In the first place, the ‘public’ in capitalist society is not homogenous, but generally divided into two classes: the working class and the capital-owning class.”

The “Coalition” then spews Marxist class struggle doctrine interspersed with more modern Critical Race Theories. Then, readers are informed that the situation is hopeless.

 “The idea that any of these changes could be reforms within the system is absurd because the system itself relies upon the perpetuation of these problems! There is only one solution: socialist revolution!”

Inconvenient Realities with Real Consequences

Indeed, the genuine socialists blaze trails of tyranny that make Miss Nguyen’s list of travails at UT-Austin look like a Saturday afternoon football game. An afternoon with the actual history of socialist disasters should convince them that their “solution” is only an invitation to waves of repression beyond even their fevered nightmares.

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Of course, their ideology gives them the illusion of a way out. In their world, truth is relative. Facts count less than intentions; objectivity becomes toxic; religion is considered the opiate of the masses; two plus two really can equal five.

How many Miss Nguyens are there who got propaganda when they paid for an education? What could the members of the “Liberation Coalition” have accomplished if their professors didn’t fill their minds with such rubbish?

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