Faithful Irish Catholics Oppose the Satanic Puca Festival

Faithful Irish Catholics Oppose the Satanic Puca Festival
Faithful Irish Catholics Oppose the Satanic Puca Festival

Over the course of last month, faithful Irish Catholics have fought back against a revival of paganism and Satanism in Ireland in the form of the Puca Festival.

What is the Puca Festival?

The Puca Festival tries to link Halloween to paganism and presents the ugly and demonic as attractive and even admirable.

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Other than Halloween coinciding with a pagan feast, the word reveals its origin. It is a corruption of the words All Hallows’ Eve, the day before All Saints Day. Pope Gregory III instituted All Saints Day in the eighth century on November 1, which made October 31 the eve before All Saints.

Puca Festivals try to re-enact pagan ceremonies and feasts intertwined with ugly, occult and even demonic elements. Instead of a time when people can remember the dead with respect, the Puca Festivals are macabre celebrations that do not present real role models such as the saints and martyrs, especially to young people.

Holy Water and Blessed Salt

Volunteers of the Irish Society for Christian Civilisation traveled to Athboy, Navan and Trim, where festivals were held. They distributed leaflets titled “Halloween is a Catholic Celebration, Not a Pagan One. Here are Six Ways to Celebrate It Like a Catholic.” 

After a short street campaign in Athboy, the volunteers proceeded to the Hill of Ward, which, according to legend, has pagan roots that might attract Puca goers. Each volunteer received miraculous medals to put in the ground, and others spread holy water and blessed salt. The action started just as a Puca tour began on the hill.

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Positive Responses from the Public

The volunteers also held street campaigns in Athboy, Trim and Navan. Whenever the public reacted, it was generally favorable. In Trim, one lady was so happy she insisted on paying for all the volunteers’ meals. After explaining to another lady that Halloween was a Catholic feast and simply meant the day before All Saints, she responded emphatically, “Absolutely!”

Rosary Rally on the Hill of Slane

In history, the pagans had their hill, while the Catholics had theirs. The Catholics occupied the Hill of Slane. On this hill, Saint Patrick directly challenged the High King of Ireland by lighting a massive bonfire, which could be seen from the Hill of Tara, where the king was residing. The king’s druid priests prophesied that if that fire was not put out, it would spread throughout the whole country, wiping out their pagan beliefs.

They were right. Saint Patrick and his disciples wiped out paganism in Ireland, implanting the one true Catholic Faith which has saved countless souls in Ireland and throughout the world.

A statue of Saint Patrick now stands on the Hill of Slane to commemorate this great feat. In front of this statue, over 150 people gathered to pray the Rosary, asking Saint Patrick to crush paganism in Ireland again and restore the Faith.