“Not Today Satan” T-Shirts Are Like Playing with Fire

“Not Today Satan” T-Shirts Are Like Playing with Fire
“Not Today Satan” T-Shirts Are Like Playing with Fire

While waiting for a recent flight in the Orlando, Florida airport, I took advantage of the time to walk and pray my rosary. Suddenly I noticed the T-shirt of a young lady as she walked past. It was black with white block letters that said, “Not Today Satan.” The girl had black hair and heavy eyeliner and looked like someone who might be involved in black arts. I could not resist a query.

“What does your shirt mean,” I asked.

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“It means don’t bother me today, Satan. I have had enough,” she responded. Her response was not what I expected. Before parting ways, I could not resist a follow-up question, “So that means you believe in him?”

“Not really,” she said, “I don’t think that far ahead.”

Her reply seemed to affirm, even if flippantly, that she would one day have to make a choice between God or the devil. The t-shirt was not serious about making this momentous decision. It was simply the latest fad.

Mistake of Following the Example of Pop Culture Icons

I was curious as to the origin of this phrase. I found out it came from Bianco Del Rio, who was competing to be crowned the best drag queen on the TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race.1 The phrase first uttered by this drag queen went viral and began to appear on coffee mugs, key chains and t-shirts.

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Later, Christians co-opted the phrase by adapting it to say, “Get thou behind me, Satan,” the stern words Our Lord used to rebuke Saint Peter, who was unknowingly speaking for Satan.

Actress Candice Bure, purportedly a conservative Republican and professed Christian, helped contribute to the widespread use of the phrase. She posted an Instagram photo of herself wearing the drag queen version of the t-shirt “Not Today Satan” and became a victim of a woke crowd who accused her of being a homophobe.

This minor incident is an example of how we should not let our decadent culture dictate how we profess our faith, especially when they dress in drag. We also should not allow pop culture icons determine our clothing choices.

Wearing such a t-shirt is not serious since it implies the wearer is a Hercules who can dictate when the devil can or cannot disturb him. Such an attitude can easily lead to pride which always comes before the fall. The devil is the enemy of God and, therefore, our enemy. He is not someone to be taken lightly.

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The True Catholic Option is the Miraculous Medal

The serious way of dealing with the father of lies is to have humble recourse to Our Lady. This came to mind I was visiting a couple in Texas after seeing the t-shirt. Both have the custom of wearing the Miraculous Medal. Her medal is special because she had it gold plated. Therefore, everyone who crosses her path cannot help but notice this marvelous adornment around her neck. Indeed, the medal often provokes favorable comments, which she uses to speak about the Mother of God.

The medal depicts Our Lady smashing the head of the serpent. Her arms are outstretched like those of a mother. The rays of light coming from her fingertips signify graces She grants to those who ask. It became known as the Miraculous Medal because of the countless miracles—both physical and spiritual—granted to those who wear it.

When waging war against the devil, we must not follow the lead of drag queens and celebrities. The most powerful line of defense is to have recourse to She, who is the Virgin prophesied in the Book of Genesis. Our Lady is the one who “crushes the head of the serpent,” and he is the one “who lies in wait of her heel.”

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