Ex-‘Trans’ Individuals Speak Out: ‘No Such Thing as a Transgender’

Ex-'Trans' Individuals Speak Out: ‘No Such Thing as a Transgender’
A number of individuals who lived as “transgender” and even underwent surgery to achieve this end are now speaking out about the physical and mental dangers and the lies of the transgender movement.

While the advocates of the transgender lobby loudly and persistently proclaim the supposed benefits of “gender reassignment surgery,” numerous personal testimonies highlight the danger of such procedures and the falsehoods underpinning the transgender argument.

Society is battling against the seemingly all-pervasive forces of the transgender lobby. Propaganda for this movement is seen in every aspect of society: there is, for example, even a “wikihow” page titled “How to Know if you are Transgender.”

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The lobby is so radical that it swiftly turns against those who would previously have been deemed to be left-wing. The case of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is well known. In 2020, Rowling wrote on Twitter that biological sex is a reality while defending same-sex relationships and “trans” people. Despite her promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism, Rowling was not radical enough to keep up with the increasingly powerful transgender lobby, which led to her public social ostracization and demonization.

The social demise of J.K. Rowling served to highlight the immense power which the trans lobby has accumulated, pushing the supposed truths of its every argument. However, a number of individuals who lived as “transgender” and even underwent surgery to achieve this end are now speaking out about the physical and mental dangers and the lies of the transgender movement.

‘Childhood Trauma’ Led to ‘Transitioning’

One prominent voice is that of Walt Heyer, who boldly calls for an end to even using the terms of ‘gender dysphoria,’ ‘transgender,’ or ‘transitioning.’ “I haven’t found one person that actually has gender dysphoria,” he told Just The News.

Born in 1940, Heyer was one of the first victims of the transgender movement. He spent eight years living as a woman, including having “gender reassignment surgery” before “detransitioning” in 1991.

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Heyer is very open about what led to his decision to live as a woman when aged 42, after his diagnosis of “gender dysphoria” two years earlier. He traces the cause to “childhood trauma” from his grandmother, who dressed him in girls’ clothes, along with enduring sexual abuse.

Recounting how his grandmother was a seamstress, Heyer told that he was particularly interested in his grandmother’s activity, and eventually—at four years old—began to demonstrate an interest in wearing some of the ladies clothes that she was making. His grandmother made him a dress for him to wear, and then “started affirming me and started telling me how cute I was.”

Heyer described this as an active process of “abuse” which damaged him both emotionally and psychologically.

Added to this, Heyer was sexually abused when 9-years-old by his teenage uncle. In fact, this abuse occurred after his uncle heard of Heyer wearing dresses. Heyer directly links the abuse to his increased attachment to transgender ideology: “That abuse caused me to not want to be male any longer. Cross-dressing gave me an escape.”

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Heyer recounted in a 2019 essay that he began to focus on how he could become a girl, even asking God to turn him into a girl, believing that this would lead to his acceptance and affirmation by those around him.

Nevertheless, he married while in his twenties, but reveals that by the time he was 40, he decided to seek a “gender specialist,” who diagnosed him with “gender identity disorder” The specialist subsequently recommended cross-sex hormones and sex change genital surgery. The doctor rejected the argument that Heyer’s childhood experiences had any bearing on the matter.

Heyer underwent the invasive surgery so commonly heard of amongst transgender advocates, including having breast implants and “feminizing procedures.” In addition, he officially changed his name to Laura Jensen.

‘There is No Such Thing as a Transgender’

A few years later, Heyer realized he was deeply unhappy with his choice. He was driven to thoughts of suicide. The representative of the transgender movement, a gender specialist, downplayed any concerns. Fortunately, Heyer did not listen to this advice and sought professional help to revisit his childhood traumas and thus “address the underlying conditions driving my gender dysphoria.”

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He noted the key events in his early life that led to his mental anguish. However, he also warned that his destructive steps were only possible due to the availability and promotion of the transgender lifestyle. “Had I not been misled by media stories of sex change ‘success’ and by medical practitioners who said transitioning was the answer to my problems, I wouldn’t have suffered as I have,” he wrote.

Since returning to living as a man in 1991, Heyer has been outspoken in his mission to highlight the deception and danger inherent in the transgender movement.

“Nobody’s born transgender,” he told Just The News. “The truth is transgenders don’t exist. There is no such thing as a transgender.” Individuals who present themselves as transgender are “struggling with either bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, body dysmorphia, depression, or some underlying comorbid issue,” he added.

He warned that despite the media’s campaign to present cases such as his as “rare,” the reality was quite different. Heyer mentioned that his inbox was “full” of messages from individuals who had undergone the terrible procedures of changing their body to represent a different sex and now regret the decision.

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‘I was Used’

Another high-profile figure whose testimony rebuffs the transgender movement is Chris Beck, a former, highly decorated member of SEAL Team Six. Beck publicly announced he was “transitioning” to living as a woman in 2013, going by the name Kristen.

In a lengthy interview in December, Beck recounted how he was convinced he was transgender by a doctor in a single meeting and consequently given hormone drugs. He became a very prominent advocate for the transgender movement, speaking at many rallies under his newly acquired fame from his book Warrior Princess.

However, last year Beck announced he had “detransitioned.” “Everything that happened to me for the last ten years destroyed my life,” he said. “I destroyed my life. I’m not a victim. I did this to myself, but I had help.”

Like Heyer, Beck highlighted the pro-transgender lobby’s role in society, particularly in the media. “I was used. I was very naive. I was in a really bad way,” he stated. “I got taken advantage of. I got propagandized. I got used badly by a lot of people who had knowledge way beyond me. They knew what they were doing. I didn’t.”

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He also cited his concern for children, who receive the transgender movement’s arguments, as a reason for being so public about his “detransitioning.”

Indeed, while the media are blithely promoting gender surgery as a way to accept one’s imagined identity, the same media turn a blind eye to the tragic reality which is increasingly seen as a result of such arguments and medical interventions. As family advocates have warned, the ready availability of assisted suicide is playing a growing role in the sorry saga of the transgender movement.

Accounts are multiplying of individuals whose mental anguish has not been solved by undergoing “reassignment surgery.” Contrary to what they were promised, these poor individuals end their lives through assisted suicide due to the disappointment.

As noted by Ross Douthat in The New York Times recently, the reasons for people seeking euthanasia in Canada are growing.

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Douthat writes: “The idea that human rights encompass a right to self-destruction, the conceit that people in a state of terrible suffering and vulnerability are really “free” to make a choice that ends all choices, the idea that a healing profession should include death in its battery of treatments—these are inherently destructive ideas.

“Left unchecked, they will forge a cruel, brave new world, a dehumanizing final chapter for the liberal story,” he warned.

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