Billboards Proclaim June Belongs to the Sacred Heart of Jesus!

Billboards Proclaim June Belongs to the Sacred Heart of Jesus!
Billboards Proclaim June Belongs to the Sacred Heart of Jesus!

The desire to honor the Sacred Heart of Jesus began last June as Ruby Galatolo was going to the grocery store in Ocala, Florida. She saw a billboard aggressively promoting “pride” month, which shocked and saddened her. The incident inspired her to think about ways to send the true message that June could never be pride month but belongs to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The idea of doing something remained in her mind and prayers for the next ten months. In early April, she was ready to formulate plans.

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The idea was to put a billboard in the same place as the one that triggered her reaction. However, the obstacles seemed formidable for one who had never ordered a billboard. It took some improvising to start the process and much trust in the Sacred Heart to do the rest.

Her efforts were well rewarded…beyond her wildest dreams.

Billboards Proclaim June Belongs to the Sacred Heart of Jesus!
There were several steps to arrange the billboard that anyone can take.

In this case, the first was to call the billboard company that appeared at the location by the grocery store and leave a message. The company returned the call and asked for details. The representative emailed a quote within minutes.

Once the location was secured, it was time to design the billboard with a picture and a message. She chose a picture portraying both the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The wording was simple: “The Month of June Is Devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Christ is King!”

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With the essential information at hand, she started the process of finding the funds to order the billboard.

The next steps were the most impressive parts of the effort. It showed that many people were shocked and saddened by the pride month offensive that fills the public square in June. So many feel that the LGBTQ message is stuffed down their throats. People are looking for ways to make a statement by honoring the Sacred Heart of Jesus as the rightful patron of June.

With confidence in the Sacred Heart, the determined devotee sent out emails to a wide variety of friends explaining the idea and why people needed to see a public proclamation of June as the month of the Sacred Heart. The hope was that help and pledges would be enough to buy a single billboard.

To her surprise, she started getting responses with sizable pledges within minutes. She was soon bombarded with emails and texts. The effort went viral for several days as more and more pledges arrived from friends, relatives, friends of friends and concerned Catholics. The project attracted the attention of people from as far away as Canada. Others asked for advice on how to arrange billboards in their area.

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An important part of the effort was keeping careful notes of the pledges, emailing updates and confirming the arrival of the funds. When all was over, Mrs. Galatolo had the means to buy not one billboard but three, some in very busy locations.

News of the success prompted others to follow suit. Soon, devotees to the Sacred Heart were erecting billboards in Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, and other places. The single billboard suddenly flowered into dozens.

Are you interested in helping with billboards?

Perhaps you can do the same thing by following the directions above. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary reward you.