What If the Hollywood Strike Never Ends?

What If the Hollywood Strike Never Ends?
Hollywood is dying in a colossal act of creative destruction characteristic of postmodern times.

The Hollywood actors’ union has now united with the writer’s union to strike against the big film producers. The negotiations between the players are deadlocked. Like a Hollywood movie, the story has all the potential for a classical film that might be billed as the labor action of the century.

Each side has its points. The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers points out the streaming bubble has burst, and they need to cut costs to stay in business. The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists joined the Writers Guild of American Writers to claim their fair share of the profits. The writers especially want some guarantee they will not be supplanted by AI software that can produce screenplays in minutes.

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Adding to the drama is actress-union president Fran Drescher who is stirring up the debate with incendiary rhetoric. Many expect the conflict to extend into fall and even winter.

The Hollywood establishment makes one wrong assumption in this whole affair: It’s not the fifties anymore. Many Americans simply don’t care if the show goes on. If the theaters and streaming reopen in the fall, it could be that no one will show up.

Hollywood is Dying

Such attitudes are reflected in the pitiful ratings at academy award ceremonies. Hollywood is dying. A prolonged strike of ego-filled actors and writers may only hasten the final act.

There are three reasons why Hollywood is dying.

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The first is that the film establishment has alienated a significant portion of the American public by the immoral content of its films. Hollywood and filth have long been synonyms for certain sectors of the American public who have not graced a theater in decades nor streamed the latest blockbusters.

This sector is growing larger as woke screenwriters are inserting LGBTQ themes and characters into plots. On their part, producers don’t care anymore if they offend these “backward” sectors of the once movie-going public.

Producers and writers both believe they can live in their own little worlds, offending countless Americans without consequences. The strikers are oblivious to the reality that many Americans do not adore them as idols. The strike is a non-event for people getting on with their lives.

A Colossal Act of Creative Destruction

Hollywood is dying in a colossal act of creative destruction characteristic of postmodern times. Shows no longer reflect a shared narrative of American life. Instead, the industry is fragmented and cancels conservative content.

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Thus, the Hollywood establishment is no longer the monolith that it once was. This fragmented reality is different from when entertainment was dominated by major television networks and Hollywood producers. Actors and actresses were much better known in those times. Technology has provided options outside the Hollywood box.

Thus, the strikers act as if these changes don’t exist. They give to themselves an exaggerated cultural importance they don’t have.

Today’s narcissistic Hollywood reflects itself, not America. This egoism is perfectly expressed by the present conflict of producers, actors and writers. The drama is detached from the American life.

An Anti-Culture

However, the real reason why Hollywood is dying is because it does not represent culture—any culture. It is much more an anti-culture devoid of meaning, without role models or moral expression. Postmodern philosophies permeate its deconstructed narratives and bizarre fantasies.

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The film industry has come to represent a shallow vision of the universe that only serves to gratify the passions, impose a woke agenda and promote a nihilistic mindset.

Hollywood is a tool of the left to impose a cultural revolution upon America and the world.

Denial of True Culture

A true culture encompasses the breadth of human knowledge with theological, philosophical and scientific expressions that enrich the lives of a people. It is especially reflected in the arts and implies the affirmation of values that permeate all aspects of life.

Thus, culture is the product of the vibrant social life of people from all walks of life in a nation—not an entertainment establishment. The shared Christian values of the American people gave structure and unity to its culture.

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That unity is long broken. That culture no longer exist.

The Hollywood strike has nothing to do with any culture. To paraphrase Shakespeare, it is an empty and fake performance, “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

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