Cardinal Burke: The Synod Threatens to Gravely Harm “Many Souls”

Cardinal Burke: The Synod Threatens to Gravely Harm "Many Souls"The following text is taken from the recently published book, “The Synodal Process Is a Pandora’s Box,” written by TFP members José Antonio Ureta and Julio Loredo de Izcue. The forward, as seen below, was written by His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke. You can purchase the book here.


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16 June 2023
Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

My heartfelt congratulations on the publication of Il processo sinodale, un vaso di Pandora, which addresses clearly and comprehensively a most serious situation in the Church today. It is a situation which rightly concerns every thoughtful Catholic and persons of good will who observe the evident and grave harm which it is inflicting upon the Mystical Body of Christ.

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We are told that the Church which we profess, in communion with our ancestors in the faith from the time of the Apostles, to be One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic is now to be defined by synodality, a term which has no history in the doctrine of the Church and for which there is no reasonable definition. Synodality and its adjective, synodal, have become slogans behind which a revolution is at work to change radically the Church’s self-understanding, in accord with a contemporary ideology which denies much of what the Church has always taught and practiced. It is not a purely theoretical matter, for the ideology has already, for some years, been put into practice in the Church in Germany, spreading widely confusion and error and their fruit, division – indeed schism – , to the grave harm of many souls. With the imminent Synod on Synodality, it is rightly to be feared that the same confusion and error and division will be visited upon the universal Church. In fact, it has already begun to happen through the preparation of the Synod at the local level.

Only the truth of Christ, as it is handed down to us in the unchanging and unchangeable doctrine and discipline of the Church, can address effectively the situation by uncovering the ideology at work, by correcting the deadly confusion and error and division it is propagating, and by inspiring the members of the Church to undertake the true reform which is daily conversion to Christ alive for us in the Church’s teaching, her prayer and worship, and her practice of the virtues and discipline. Il processo sinodale, un vaso di Pandora, through a series of 100 questions and responses, sheds the light of Christ, the truth of Christ, upon the present most worrisome situation of the Church. The study of the questions and answers will help sincere Catholics to be Christ’s “fellow workers in the truth” (3 Jn 8), as all members of the Church are called to be, and thus be agents of the renewal of the Church in our time, faithful to the Apostolic Tradition.

Get the book now! The Synodal Process Is a Pandora’s Box is now available for $10.95.
Click here to get your copy now.

I thank all who worked so diligently and excellently to formulate the appropriate questions and to provide authoritative answers. It is my hope that the fruit of their labors will become available to Catholics throughout the world for the building up of the Church, as Saint Paul teaches us: “Rather, speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ” (Eph 4, 15).

Through the intercession and under the care of the Virgin Mother of Our Lord, the Blessed Virgin Mary, whom He has given to us as our Mother in the Church (cf. Jn 19, 26-27), may the grave harm which presently threatens the Church be averted, so that, faithful to Our Lord Who alone is our salvation, she may carry out her mission in the world.

With deepest fatherly affection and esteem, I am

Yours devotedly in the Sacred Heart of Jesus
and the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
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Raymond Leo Cardinal BURKE

Julio LOREDO and José Antonio URETA

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