From Science Fiction to Reality, China Expands the Role of AI in its Military

From Science Fiction to Reality, China Expands the Role of AI in its Military
From Science Fiction to Reality, China Expands the Role of AI in its Military

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has dramatically changed our lives, bringing remarkable advancements in warfare, healthcare, transportation and communication. Despite some benefits, AI poses catastrophic risks if malcontents exploit it. Indeed, developers should have thought of its misuse before developing it.

However, AI’s greatest threat to humanity is its military use. Communist China’s military development of AI/Machine Learning (AI/ML) is especially menacing and will jeopardize the future of the West.

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Some 67,000 companies are involved in the AI industry in the U.S. They focus on gaining commercial advantage and market share. In contrast, China’s AI efforts are centralized, regimented and driven by an agenda to destroy the West that is offense-driven, not defensive.

AlphaGo’s Victory Changed the Course of History

China’s focus on AI had humble beginnings. On May 25, 2017, a pivotal shift occurred when AlphaGo AI, Google’s boardgame-playing marvel, snuffed out Chinese champion Ke Jie in the ancient game of Go. Three times!

AlphaGo’s victory was a masterclass in strategy that left Ke Jie bewildered. Across three intense matches lasting over three hours, Ke Jie used various tactics—conservative, aggressive, defensive—yet none prevailed. AlphaGo seemed to predict every move, inexorably securing the victory.

For the Chinese audience, this event sparked a wave of humiliation and motivation. The government swiftly mobilized the nation to develop AI. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leadership used the loss as an opportunity for advancement. Barely two months after Ke’s defeat, the CCP unveiled its ambitious New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan.

Western Investors Give China the Money to Defeat the U.S.

In 2017, investors responded to the call, pouring record sums into artificial intelligence start-ups, making up 48 percent of global AI venture funding, surpassing the United States for the first time.

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President Xi allocated $150 billion in government funding to propel China as the first AI-driven nation. This funding fueled a vast police surveillance system driven by Big Data and AI. Simultaneously, the Chinese military is eyeing an AI-focused battlefield.

The head of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology outlined four key government targets for 2024: speed up the transformation of traditional industries, solidify and enhance the leading position of advantageous industries, actively nurture emerging and future industries and drive new industrialization through artificial intelligence. All these initiatives have critical military implications.

Autonomous Weapons and Warfare

For instance, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is developing autonomous unmanned weapons, like drone swarms. It is also establishing a network of unmanned weapons and undersea sensors in the waters near China to collect data for analysis with AI/ML.

Beijing plans to apply AI to accelerate military decision-making, particularly in strategic reasoning. AI can assess action options across different fronts and domains to determine the best solution, which could take a conventional war council hours or even days.

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Consistent with communist propaganda techniques that are part of warfare, Beijing already uses AI to exaggerate China’s accomplishments and Western failures, especially in the U.S.

A major part of China’s military strategy is to control the civilian population. Thus, Chinese AI developers have constructed a total surveillance state. They have deployed a vast surveillance system with over 500 million cameras as of 2021, surpassing half of the world’s total.

Among AI applications, China prioritizes unmanned combat systems and cutting-edge military advancements. Recent events in Ukraine highlight how unmanned technology is rapidly reshaping warfare as a primary consideration for future combat readiness.

What is the Role of the U.S. in This Orwellian Nightmare?

An intentional pause in American AI development could tip the scales in China’s favor. The fierce competition in AI technology underscores the need to increase American investments.

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Although the U.S. currently leads in AI technology globally, with a strong focus on innovation and diverse applications, the landscape is evolving rapidly. While commercial AI thrives, the U.S. government must navigate its advancements through funding difficulties and strategic research problems.

One example of difficulties was Google’s withdrawal from a defense project due to employee objections to developing combat-zone technology. Thus, America must develop an AI strategy to dominate China in AI development.

The outcome of this competition hinges on clarity and direction. China’s formidable, unified vision looms dark and large. America must urgently define a path, chart a course and bridge any gap with China.

The potential for AI-driven social manipulation also poses a threat. AI can be used to conduct large-scale propaganda and disinformation campaigns, undermining democratic processes and social cohesion. It can also cause an erosion of trust in information sources.

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As military use of AI advances, these challenges must be addressed proactively. This is not a game of Go! It is not science fiction anymore but reality.

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