How do we keep Black Friday from Destroying Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Day should be about God and family, not shopping.  But Black Friday is now creeping into Thanksgiving.  This is an example of how “frenetic intemperance” breaks down the natural tempering influence of family life on our economy.  How do we turn the tide?

Should states seceed from the Union?

The question of secession has been raised after the election. The logic is that the states are better suited to govern than the federal government. Do you agree?

The Polarization of America

The recent elections bring to light once again a great polarization in the American public. Many have tried to label the two parts of this division with media labels: Democrat vs. Republican, blue-state vs. red state, metro vs. retro. Based on your own experience with family or business associates, what do you think are some … Read more

Did we become two nations after the election?

In the 2012 presidential elections, do you think that the get-along consensus in America was broken, and that we became not one nation but two? Also, would you say that a defining moment in this division was when God was thrice denied at the Democratic National Convention?

What should we expect from a president?

Return to Order holds that the present economic crisis is the result of a frenzied economy that is throwing it out of balance. In light of this assumption and the recent election, how can a president turn things around economically? What should be expected from a president?