Urge the Los Angeles Dodgers to Disinvite Blasphemous “Drag Nuns”

Once again, the Catholic faith is being threatened by another horrendous blasphemy. According to Washington Examiner, “…the Los Angeles Dodgers have ‘Pride Night’ next month, they are honoring the ‘drag nuns’ of Los Angeles.” After heavy backlash, the Los Angeles Dodgers recanted their decision and disinvited the “sisters.” Yet less than a week later, they reversed … Read more

Sign the Pledge to Boycott Bud Light and Anheuser-Busch Products —

Bud-Light is feeling the pain in the pocketbook. Now, let the company see the actual number of just how many people choose to reject “transgender” madness by boycotting Anheuser-Busch products. Are you one of them? I hope so. Because if you’re not, I’m encouraging you to sign the boycott against all Anheuser-Busch products until the … Read more

Tell Indiana Mayor to Restore Good Friday to Calendar —

Mayor John Hamilton of Bloomington, Indiana has signed a law to change “Good Friday” to “Spring Holiday.” This is political correctness at its worst. It is a separation of America from her Christian identity. Remind Mayor Hamilton that we are a nation under God. Tell him not to trash our county’s heritage.

Cancel Blasphemous Corpus Christi Play

Our Lord is being mocked with the late Terrence McNally’s blasphemous play Corpus Christi, which portrays Christ and the Apostles as homosexuals! This blasphemous play will be showing at Aurora, Colorado, at the venue “The People’s Building” beginning March 31 to April 15. According to press reports Corpus Christi is a twisted retelling of the … Read more

Tell Colorado Elementary School: No Satan Club For Children

Get Satan Out of Elementary Schools

Young students at Paonia K-8 in Paonia, Colorado, were invited to take part in an “After School Satan Club” (ASSC) held in one of the school’s class rooms! Satanists had their first meeting on Monday, March 6. The principle Amelia Baldwin of Paonia K-8 does not seem to have offered any resistance to the club, … Read more

Tell the FCC: Ban Scandalous Performances from Live TV

The Super Bowl LVII aired a scandalous half-time performance given by singer Rihanna. The show included the performer touching herself in a lewd manner, while in an immorally suggestive outfit…all on live television, when families are watching the game! I cannot even give the details of this lewd and scandalous performance. What I can tell … Read more

Tell Amazon to Stop Selling Anti-Christian Products

Amazon is selling bath products which feature images of Christ and the Blessed Virgin to be used in the basest ways, as bathmats, for example. Amazon has removed similar products which featured quotes from the Quran because it offended Muslims. Yet, it continues to offend the King of kings Who died on the Cross to … Read more

Petition Against Abortion Pills at CVS and Walgreens


Walgreens and CVS – which run 18,690 drugstores nationwide – plan to dispense abortion pills on a large scale. According to The New York Times: “Two major pharmacy chains will apply to sell abortion pills under a new Food and Drug Administration regulation that will allow the medication to be offered by retail pharmacies for … Read more

Tell Walmart to STOP Selling Satanic Products!

    Walmart is selling a whole ensemble of Satanic products in its online store. These include statues of the devil, pentagram pendants and even Satanic books written by the notorious Satanist, the founder of the Church of Satan, Anton LeVey. “Walmart has come under fire—the fire of hell—for selling satanic products. Their online catalog … Read more

Urge Etsy to Remove Anti-Christian, Satanic Products


Etsy, an online retailer, is selling satanic items. Among these are Satanic “rosaries”, pornographic images of occult practices, and hoards of pentagrams, skull and other objects that glorify evil and even violence. Among others, there are: Images of burning churches on t-shirts and other products. One product, a “Burning Church Card” has the following description: … Read more