Urge Michigan Commissioners to Stop Satanic Invocation —


A Satanist is scheduled to give an invocation to open a board meeting in Michigan. Members of The Satanic Temple (TST) of West Michigan applied to give an invocation to Ottawa County board meeting, and received the “green light” to do so at the opening of the board meeting of April, 23. According to reports: … Read more

Urge Biden to Apologize for Honoring Vice Instead of Christ


On March 29, 2024, the Biden White House chose to celebrate “Transgender Day of Visibility,” setting it on the same day as Easter Sunday. The White House made a loud and clear statement of choosing to celebrate unnatural vice, which is a practical rejection of Christ, who redeemed the world from the slavery of sin. … Read more

Urge DeSantis Not to Cave to the Rainbow Mob! Sign Petition!


In 2022, the State of Florida passed good legislation (Parental Rights in Education Act), which prevented teachers from indoctrinating students with pro-homosexual material, forbidding instruction on such topics. However, the State reached an agreement with plaintiffs who sued Florida over the law. While the State of Florida has claimed victory, nevertheless, the settlement spelled out … Read more

Tell Indiana Mayor to Restore Good Friday to Calendar —


The City of Bloomington, Indiana has changed “Good Friday” to “Spring Holiday.” This is political correctness at its worst, and a separation of America from her Christian identity. Please sign our petition to remind the Mayor of Bloomington that we are a nation under God, and to restore our county’s Christian heritage.

Protest Sacrilegious Funeral at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral


A sacrilegious funeral service was held for a man who was an open homosexual, a cross-dresser, pro-LGBT activist and avowed atheist inside of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, in New York City on February 15. Cross-dressed attendees filled the cathedral with obscenities and blasphemies. In fact, the sacrilegious “service” looked like a Drag Queen Show. It was … Read more

Protest Super Bowl “Prayer Candles”


Mixed Bag MKE, a company in Wisconsin, is throwing a “Swiftie Super Bowl Eve Party” (named after singer Taylor Swift), and is promoting “devotional prayer” candles, where the faces of Christ and the Virgin Mary are replaced by celebrities. In fact, the company has a slew of these blasphemous “devotional candles.” These include depictions of … Read more

Protest Amazon Cartoon Which Portrays Lucifer as Hero


Amazon Prime, which has a video streaming service, has just released a cartoon series about Hell, where devils and sinners are the victims of “heartless” angels. “Hazbin Hotel,” a musical comedy, was released on January 18, 2024. Its opening trailer portrays Lucifer as good to mankind, while angels are oppressive tyrants. If this were not … Read more

PROTEST: NFL pushing homosexual sin on Super Bowl


The National Football League (NFL) is working with GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) to host “A Night of Pride” on Wednesday, February 7, and cover the event on CBS Sports and NFL’s online social channel. According to reports: “The league [i.e., NFL] announced [January 22, 2024] it will host an event with GLAAD … Read more

Protest Anti-Christian Rapper Who Mocks Crucifixion and Eucharist


The controversial rapper Montero Lamar Hill — an open-homosexual who goes by the stage name “Lil Nas X” — is releasing blasphemous content that he sells as “Christian.” The rapper has given previews of his new “Christian” rap, which include him dressed as Our Lord, scarfing down altar wine and communion wafers like a snack, … Read more

Tell Olathe Northwest Highschool: NO Satanic Club


  A Satanist in Olathe Northwest High School, in Olathe Kansas, is attempting to open a “High School Satanic Club,” and is gathering signatures from fellow students to get the club started. The school has yet to approve of the club, but has indicated that it might do nothing to prevent it. According to reports: … Read more