How the Left Gets America’s “Civil War” All Wrong

The influential left-leaning magazine The Atlantic just released a special issue highlighting America’s polarization. It is meant to shock a deeply divided nation struggling to stay together. “How to Stop a Civil War” is the menacing cover story.  “How America Ends” is yet another ominous title among others that analyze the nation’s grave internal crisis. … Read more

Can’t You Make this Surreal World Just Go Away?

The afflictive thing about living in our polarized society is the terrifying thought that there is something permanent in our incompatibility with each other. No one desires the present unpleasantness. We sincerely wish that we could get along. However, most people want a quick fix.  They want magic buttons to push that will make the … Read more

A Hero and a Coward: The Story of a Divided Nation

By this time, most readers will recall the viral videoes of Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims bullying an elderly lady and later harassing teenage girls protesting at a Philadelphia-area Planned Parenthood “clinic.” Fewer will have heard of the incredible heroism of Kendrick Castillo who sacrificed his life to protect his fellow students at STEM School … Read more

What Happens When We Abandon God

After the 2016 elections, many tried to explain what happened. Some theories are not convincing since they seem to hide a darker reality of which we dare not speak. Others appear a bit too simplified to explain what we experience in daily life. To start the process of understanding our crisis, we need a clear vision. … Read more

The Decline of Social Involvement in America

Return to Order The Decline of Social Involvement in America

The decline of social involvement has been noted as a universal phenomenon in America. Especially since the sixties, Americans are less involved in civic associations that serve to bind people together with ties of trust and confidence. Such a decline is pulling American society and economy apart.   [like url=]   Sociologist Robert Putnam notes … Read more

This is the “Girlification” of the Boy Scouts

Return to Order This is the “Girlification” of the Boy Scouts

Nobody is really fooled by the latest policy shift of the Boy Scouts of America that will allow membership of girls. The announcement was packaged as a way to provide “more options for parents” who want a single site providing activities for all their children. However, everyone knows the move is just one more surrender … Read more

The Frenetically Intemperate Fifties: A Look at Twentieth Century America

Return to Order Dallas: The Target Is Order 6

In his book, Return to Order, author John Horvat described a spirit of unrestraint that dominated culture and economy, which he called frenetic intemperance. The following article is part of a series of articles written by history teacher Edwin Benson that explains some stages by which America adopted this spirit of frenetic intemperance and its … Read more