We Must Not Ask Our Police to Do the Impossible

We are asking our police officers to do the impossible. In the present atmosphere of great decadence, they cannot keep order. We have saddled them with the task of enforcing the law while constantly undermining it through our culture. Until we address this contradiction, the police’s task will be an exercise in futility. The Wrong … Read more

Harvard Professor Accuses Homeschooling Parents of Child Abuse

Harvard University is a curious place. It represents the best and the worst of American tradition. Its red-brick buildings and well-manicured lawns are the symbols of the highest American intellectual traditions. At the same time, Harvard has made a kind of cottage industry of condescension. The May-June 2020 issue of their magazine of the same … Read more

Why Are the Bishops Trying to Be More Like Caesar than Caesar?

In times of disaster in America, public authority has always called upon God to come to the nation’s aid. The call is to a vague God. Our religious consensus recognizes only “Nature’s God” without going into specifics. Unlike secular Europe, America has always favored religion as a means to ensure God’s material and spiritual blessings … Read more

Authority Is From God, but Also for Him

With the myriad political philosophies that circulate today, a thoughtful analyst can become confused, and legitimately so.  Thus, any contribution to the debate that elucidates the basic principles of Catholic social teaching is an invaluable beacon of light amid the darkness. It could be argued that the most basic question regarding society and politics revolves … Read more

‘No’: The Word Every Parent Needs to Use


Modern pedagogy — that is, the pedagogical, psychological, and psychiatric schools of the ’60s — advocated that parents never say “no” to their children. These pedagogues taught that prohibiting a child from anything from sucking his thumb to attending bad movies would cause a negative traumatic experience. In May of 1968 the Sorbonne Revolution launched … Read more

Why California Can’t Be a Sanctuary State

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It is paradoxical that super-progressive California would have recourse to a concept of medieval law to support its revolt against federal immigration law enforcement. It is even more bizarre that the super-secular Golden State would consider itself a kind of Church with authority higher than that of the government and declare itself a holy and … Read more

One of the Best Definitions of Authority Ever

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All too often, authority is seen as a kind of tyranny where the will of one person is imposed upon others. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The following definition of authority is refreshing and accurate. “Authority is not a power which is imposed upon a community from the outside; it rests upon the … Read more

Why Treating Everyone Equally Is a Problem

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I recently received an email from someone who questioned me on a comment I made about manners. I had said that manners presuppose distinctions. They call upon us to honor those who are excellent with special treatment. At the same time, they allow us to show compassion and consideration toward those who are lesser or … Read more

What the State Should Be—the Protector of the General Order

Return to Order What the State Should Be—the Protector of the General Order

People are so used to the modern dysfunctional State that they do not have a proper idea of what a true State is. The following description describes what can be called an organic State that corresponds to what a State should be. As the supreme power of last appeal, an organic State gives unity and … Read more

Teachers, Police Officers, and Order

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We have seen now that the real target of the anti-police movement is order itself, and all authority which protects that order. Does this hatred only stop at police officers? What about teachers? The following article was first seen on Traditionalist Teacher blog and illustrates the concerns of a teacher in face of the onslaught … Read more