The Rejection and Restoration of Beauty

The Rejection and Restoration of Beauty

The world around us is filled with ugliness. To fight this ugliness, we must address the willfully chosen things and change our ways accordingly. One important way to do this is to change our manner of personal appearance. Everywhere, we see signs of disorder in this field. Individuals exhibit multiple and painful-looking body piercings, strangely … Read more

The World Needs Backpack Heroes Who Seek After Beauty

The World Needs Backpack Heroes Who Seek After Beauty

The world was recently stunned by the image of a deranged Syrian man who went on a stabbing spree, attacking small children at a park in France. Perhaps even more stunning and inspiring were the actions of a young man who stood in his way armed with two backpacks . . . and his Catholic Faith. The … Read more

The Missing Ingredient: An Appeal to Beauty

The Missing Ingredient: An Appeal to Beauty

Recently, Daily Wire host Michael Knowles commented that of the three transcendentals—goodness, truth and beauty—American conservatives love to frame their arguments in terms of truth, often have recourse to goodness but give little importance to beauty. It is an astute observation that greatly affects their effectiveness. However, what are the transcendentals and why are they … Read more

Why Can’t They Make Beautiful Windmills?

A green new world is coming as activists move to impose their eco-agenda upon society. The present administration is introducing “infrastructure” reform, which will develop green energy sources at warp speed. Windmills and solar panels are all the rage. However, all is not well in the efforts to build a green new world. The race … Read more

How Christian Ladies Opposed Feminist Women’s Day

Every year, many ladies look forward to Lady Day on March 8. It is a way to fight the lies of the feminist-inspired International Women’s Day. A quick search on the event’s website reveals its not-so-hidden agenda, under the name of “Women’s Empowerment.” This is just another way of saying abortion, egalitarianism, LGBTQ agendas, everything … Read more

Why True Beauty Attracts And Converts Youth

A recent study by a youth organization linked to England’s Anglican Church states that “church buildings are very influential in the conversion of youth to Christianity.” Analyzing this study, the Daily Telegraph of London quotes that “around 13 percent of teenagers said that they decided to become a Christian after a visit to a church … Read more

These Are the Magnificent Things People See at the Biltmore


Over the Christmas holidays, I — and thousands of others — visited the Biltmore Estate near Asheville, North Carolina. Built by George Washington Vanderbilt in the waning days of the nineteenth century, it is America’s largest privately-owned dwelling. Mr. Vanderbilt’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren have dedicated themselves to preserving it and opening it to the public. … Read more

Gift Challenges for Imaginative Conservatives

Not unlike the times of Our Lord, we live in the paradox of a world in disorder yet under the appearance of order. Beneath the veneer of optimism and prosperity, many people experience lives of trial and suffering due to the lifestyles of frenetic intemperance they have adopted. Christmas is especially a time to address … Read more

Finding the Beauty of the Church and the Route Back Home

The late-nineteenth-century conversion story, En Route, by J. K. Huysmans is a book that penetrates deeply into the mind of the reader. It is an autobiographical yet fictional account of the return journey to the Church of a famous French art critic and novelist in decadent Paris. The book has weathered well the ravages of … Read more