Stunning Link Between Fatima and the 2020 General Election

Among conservatives, the 2020 elections had the best intentions of defending vaguely Christian principles in an aggressive neo-pagan world. Neither side entirely prevailed. Indeed, the nation’s county-electoral map remains the same vast red rural sea with urban islands of blue that first appeared in the Presidential election of 2000. Such has been the course of … Read more

Doomsday Prepping Needs to Go Spiritual to Prepare for ‘Whatever’

There have always been Americans who have prepared themselves for apocalypses, revolutions or major disasters. Some have taken reasonable measures to stockpile essentials. Others have indulged in elaborate concrete bunkers with every material comfort. Hardcore “doomsday prepping” or the significant stockpiling of food, weapons, medicine and other supplies used to be reserved for people on … Read more

What is the Message of the Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral?

What is the Message of the Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral?

Flames have gutted the famous cathedral of Notre Dame of Paris. All the world was drowned in sorrow on this fateful Spring day. As the images of the collapsing spire spread across the globe, it was hard to believe that this famous building celebrated for centuries for its liturgy, artistic works and splendor is a … Read more