Stunning Link Between Fatima and the 2020 General Election

Among conservatives, the 2020 elections had the best intentions of defending vaguely Christian principles in an aggressive neo-pagan world. Neither side entirely prevailed. Indeed, the nation’s county-electoral map remains the same vast red rural sea with urban islands of blue that first appeared in the Presidential election of 2000.

Such has been the course of American politics for a long time. Most Americans see elections as the way that they might continue living as they have always lived.  Thus, America keeps producing seesaw elections to the left and the right that end up canceling each other out in a display of frustration and polarization that gradually trends leftward.

America Must Change

While the present contest’s outcome is still undetermined, this year’s election is different from past ones. The political process that keeps things the same has broken down. Citizens can no longer agree on even the most basic issues. Living together as a nation is so difficult that it is next to impossible.

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Thus, the election’s message is that Americans can no longer live as they always have. They must change. However, the changes proposed to voters by the left reveal a radical neo-pagan agenda that combats the right’s vaguely defended Christian values frontally. Keeping the fight in the political field will only lead to a clash of proposals and ever more intense polarization that will ruin the country.

A Moral Change Is Needed

Thus, political shifts back and forth will no longer work. Consider that vast numbers of Americans voted for candidates that support abortion until time of birth, transgender operations for minors and the legalization of marijuana and even hard drugs. All these measures enter into the mainstream of American life and change it radically, favoring the neo-pagan world the left idolizes.

So what happens now? The Culture War continues. The battle for hearts and minds continues. Good Americans must continue to remind their wayward fellow citizens that America’s problem is, above all, a moral one.  A profound cultural change is needed if the present crisis is to be resolved. The debate must always be framed in moral terms.  People need to take personal responsibility to change their behaviors to reflect Christian norms. Doing so leads to social harmony and virtuous living. Not doing so leads to the hypersexualized, materialistic culture that corrupts all society and destroys the lives of individuals and families.

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Americans can no longer keep living as they always have because those lives are increasingly sinful and destructive of the common good. Conversion to the Ten Commandments and Christian principles is the only solution. Nothing else can thwart the left’s efforts to “convert” everyone to its socialist tyranny as it has done in every country where it establishes itself.

Making the Link to Fatima

For Catholics, this call to conversion is familiar as it echoes the 1917 message of Our Lady at Fatima. The Blessed Mother warned mankind of disaster at a time of supreme political strife during World War I. She spoke of the “errors of Russia,” referring to the same communist menace that now threatens America.

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However, the Mother of God did not bring a political program. Politics had failed a world at war. Her message asked for prayer, penance and amendment of life. She told a sinful world that they could no longer live as they always had because God was already greatly offended. She called upon people to change their lives radically. The Blessed Mother also asked for a formal consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart.

Now, America faces the multi-faceted crisis of COVID, civil unrest, economic uncertainty and a radical communist agenda. All these things have political implications that must be addressed. However, the threats are beyond the power of politicians to resolve alone. America must return to God for Whom nothing is impossible. This is the 2020 general election’s great lesson.