Can’t You Make this Surreal World Just Go Away?

The afflictive thing about living in our polarized society is the terrifying thought that there is something permanent in our incompatibility with each other. No one desires the present unpleasantness. We sincerely wish that we could get along. However, most people want a quick fix.  They want magic buttons to push that will make the … Read more

When 500 Types of Pasta Are Not Good Enough

Paging through the food section of The Wall Street Journal, I was enchanted by an illustrated article about American chefs who are now offering a world of pasta to discerning customers. The adventure takes people beyond spaghetti, lasagna, macaroni and other familiar pasta dishes and introduces readers to the rich variations that reflect amazing regional … Read more

This is the “Girlification” of the Boy Scouts

Return to Order This is the “Girlification” of the Boy Scouts

Nobody is really fooled by the latest policy shift of the Boy Scouts of America that will allow membership of girls. The announcement was packaged as a way to provide “more options for parents” who want a single site providing activities for all their children. However, everyone knows the move is just one more surrender … Read more

Circulation of ‘Return to Order’ Book on Organic Christian Society Hits 300,000 Copies

Return to Order Return to Order Featured on NPR’s Good Books Radio Show

Contact: Robert Ritchie (717) 309-1990 [email protected] FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Circulation of ‘Return to Order’ Book on Organic Christian Society Hits 300,000 Copies HANOVER, Penn. (October 3, 2017) – Over 300,000 copies of John Horvat’s award-winning book Return to Order are now in circulation. The October milestone confirms the timeliness of this work which offers extraordinary insights … Read more