Beware! The Left’s Seven Deadly Premises Are Killing the Rest of Us

Beware! The Left’s Seven Deadly Premises Are Killing the Rest of Us

A lengthy headline from the British newspaper, The Daily Mail, sums up the current U.S. spike in crime. “America’s deadly year: Philadelphia Now has More Murders than NYC and L.A. and a DOZEN Major US Cities Smash Annual Homicide Records (And They are ALL Democrat).” These shocking statistics are not limited to the largest cities. … Read more

How the Left Is Turning the Simple Voting Process into Class Warfare

The voting reform bill called H.R. 1 highlights the need to facilitate voting for Americans. Few citizens would find fault for promoting such a noble goal. However, the debate takes on bizarre overtones. The left attempted to turn voting into rocket science when it actually involves grade school skills like identifying oneself and signing one’s … Read more

Is Populism the Wave of the Future? Not Really

A myth circulating in political science circles talks about a massive realignment in America. According to this narrative, the two major political parties have switched constituencies. The Republican Party, particularly under President Trump, is now the new Working Class People’s Party, while the Democrats have become the haven of rich and corrupt elites. The elections … Read more

Marxism, Class Struggle and “Real” American History

It is a new day for Chicago school students. The Chicago Sun-Times relates the coming of this new dawn on June 5, 2020. “Chicago students started learning America’s real history. “Not the whitewashed history, the disjointed one that jumps from European settlers “finding” America, to a sanitized version of slavery, to the Civil Rights Movement … Read more

The Rage of the New Puritans Is Sweeping America

Return to Order The Rage of the New Puritans Is Sweeping America

The announcement that the “Silence Breakers” have been named “Person of the Year” by TIME magazine has catapulted the sexual harassment scandals into the national spotlight. Sexual assault in the workplace has taken on crisis proportions. Many are saying that men and women will soon revert to minimizing contact among themselves. They fear a new … Read more