How the Left Is Turning the Simple Voting Process into Class Warfare

How the Left Is Turning the Simple Voting Process into
How the Left Is Turning the Simple Voting Process into

The voting reform bill called H.R. 1 highlights the need to facilitate voting for Americans. Few citizens would find fault for promoting such a noble goal. However, the debate takes on bizarre overtones. The left attempted to turn voting into rocket science when it actually involves grade school skills like identifying oneself and signing one’s name. The debate has been further complicated by the Georgia electoral reforms that the left labels voter suppression when it broadens and regularizes voter options.

For most Americans, the new debate runs contrary to their experience with the system. I have been eligible to vote for over forty years. I have not always exercised that right since even not voting is part of the democratic process. The lack of voter interest is a stinging indicator that politics is not fulfilling its function.

Never Difficult

However, when I have exercised my voting right, it has never been difficult. I took advantage of the many opportunities to register (via driver’s license renewal, for example). Thus, I have been registered at the same address for decades. The initial effort was almost effortless. I cannot foresee any circumstance, which would make this registration process complicated. A person has to get it right once, and it is good for as long as a person lives at a place. Today, the Internet makes any complication easy to resolve. Those with problems need to talk to somebody, and I am sure they will help fix them. The federal government does not need to get involved.

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The next step in the process is to keep a watch on the election dates. Again, this is not a complicated process. Campaign signs sprout up like mushrooms around election time. It is easy to know when an election is nigh. If a person does not know, ask someone or look it up.

The next step is to go to the polling place. Again, this is not complicated. I have never had a problem finding the site or the times when it is open. Every time I voted, I have always found the time to make it to the polling place before its closing. Usually, there is not a long line.

The left has made supplying water an issue in the debate. While waiting for my turn to vote, I have never been offered water or asked for it. The same applies to food, although my polling place has held bake sales during election time. I was never barred from showing up with my own water.  The voting system is not made to supply voters with food and water but to count their votes. I fail to see how providing water could possibly be an election issue.

The Voting Experience

At the table for checking in, friendly election workers and volunteers always greet me and do anything to facilitate my voting experience. Again, the process is simple. In my state, I just give my name. There is nothing else required. I am then asked to sign my name. Even if I were asked to present an ID, I would not object since it is part of everyday life in America. Anyone who is engaged in society has to have an ID. Those who do not have ID can easily get it.

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Then I vote. It is the most complicated part of the process. It seems that every time there is a general election, there is some new-fangled voting machine “to make the process easier.” I long for the days of the curtained voting machine where the person pulled a lever, and it felt like I had voted. Those old machines always seemed to deliver election results by my late bedtime.

I never was in a position that I had to use an absentee ballot or early voting. However, I know others who have. It is simple if you take the time to read the instructions. My friends have never complained about the complexity of the process. Over the years, I have never heard of “late” ballots that arrive after the cut-off date being counted. Everyone who uses the system knows the risks involved and usually votes early. There is also no need for “ballot harvesting” systems that are so vulnerable to fraud.

How Hard Is it to Vote?

I guess what I am trying to say is that it is not hard to vote if you follow the rules. Anyone can do it. It does not depend on race, income level, education or adverse circumstances. None of these things require any special or privileged knowledge. It is not rocket science but something that can be done by anyone who can say and sign their name. We insult others when we insist they cannot do it. It vexes me that people bring up issues that are not issues at all.

If there is a problem with the voting system, it is not the rules. They work fine for everyone who wants to follow them.

Turning Voting into Class Struggle

The real problem is the ideological component in the left’s war on voting.

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Voter activists try to turn the simple voting process into class warfare. They insinuate that adverse circumstances keep people from voting. They turn those who run the voting system into cruel tyrants who deprive poor voters of drinking water while waiting in line. They falsely claim that conservatives deliberately reduce the hours when workers can go to the polls even when new rules expand them.

Indeed, Marxist always claim rules are oppressive. Voting rules are needed now more than ever. The left subverts order by not following them.

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