How to Get the Schools America Needs

How to Educate an American is a collection of essays edited by Michael J. Petrilli and Chester E. Finn, Jr. that embraces a serious task. The subtitle set out its goal – The Conservative Vision for Tomorrow’s Schools. Unfortunately, this book cannot deliver something that does not exist. There is no unified conservative vision for … Read more

Are Conservatives Soul-Searching in the Wrong Places?

A brutal business climate and societal breakdown have brought major changes to America. In response, many Americans, especially conservatives, are soul searching for something more compassionate for those left behind. Unfortunately, they are looking in the most unlikely places: business and government. They will likely be searching for a long time. The controversy over this … Read more

Future Belongs to Those Who Oppose Drag Queen Story Hours

A new kind of debate is now raging inside conservativism. In times past, we discussed the strategic and tactical options by which we might work toward common goals inside the existing political framework. Today, the framework itself is in question. What is being discussed is the classical liberal foundation of the American political system. Indeed, … Read more

Why Millennials Don’t Follow the Liberal Narrative

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The standard narrative about today’s millennials is that they are unpredictable. They are very fluid and undefined. Despite this changeability, most people automatically assume that millennials are predictably liberal. The facts, however, tell a different story. Researchers who study the habits and attitudes of millennials do not support this forgone conclusion. Indeed, liberal-minded people are … Read more

The Conservative Movement and The Danger of the Two-Legged Stool

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Everyone knows that a stool needs at least three legs if it is going to serve as a place to sit. Any lesser combination turns the stool into something else that more than likely will land the person on the floor. For decades, the formula for the conservative movement’s successful action has been the three-legged … Read more

The War of the Straitjackets

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Looking at the political climate, America’s present condition can be seen as a war of the straitjackets. On one side, there are those who rightfully claim that society needs God and a moral law as a necessary condition for freedom and prosperity. These fight to conserve the remnants of this law. On the other side … Read more