Return to Order Hits the Streets

Return to Order Return to Order Hits the Streets 2

By Gary Isbell The concept of organic Christian society is now being found in a most unlikely place – the frenzied centers of business and industry. Young volunteers of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) are out on the streets of Chicago and New York. Their efforts are part … Read more

Individuality Versus Individualism

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There are those who claim individualism allows a person to develop himself. We must make a distinction between individuality and individualism. Man manifests his individuality when he fully develops his personality and talents by which he is different from others. At the same time, individuality encourages man to develop his intensely social character by participating … Read more

When Rats Jump on to Sinking Ships

Return to Order “Don’t Abandon the Ship in a Storm…” 1

It is said that when a ship starts sinking, rats onboard have a sixth sense about what is going to happen and are the first to jump on to the nearest flotsam to save their lives. The analogy has often been used to describe the cowardly antics of those who flee lost causes. We are … Read more

High-Frequency Trading: Markets on Steroids

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The purpose of the stock market is to provide liquidity to investors who know with certainty that they can buy and sell their shares at any time. In this way, the market serves as a constant encouragement to invest capital in sectors of the economy while limiting risks. Thus, the market fulfills a need in society and can contribute to economic prosperity.

However, it is no secret that the stock market has often favored reckless activities and speculation that depart from this purpose. It has given rise to crashes, manias and panics that turns this instrument of sound investment into a financial casino where everyone plays the market in hopes of cashing in at the right moment. Stockbrokers are always coming up with new ways to beat the market. Such practices are perfect examples of what has been called frenetic intemperance – a reckless and restless spirit inside modern economy that seeks to throw off all restraint.

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