Dealing With the Madmen on the Debt Ceiling

Dealing With the Madmen on the Debt Ceiling

The debt ceiling debate is hurling the nation toward a potential fiscal disaster. After June 1, the government risks not having enough money to meet debt and operating expenses. A default will undermine the dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency and what is left of the world order. The media are turning the debate … Read more

Putting the Capitol Invasion, Joe Biden, and American Politics in Perspective

Putting the Capitol Invasion, Joe Biden, and American Politics in Perspective

Following the Capitol invasion and Joe Biden’s inauguration, most American conservatives are feeling disoriented, fearful and even in despair about America’s future. This is not entirely unreasonable. Democrats want to impose California-style election laws on the whole country, admit the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico as states and outright persecute conservative speech – ensuring … Read more

Is Populism the Wave of the Future? Not Really

A myth circulating in political science circles talks about a massive realignment in America. According to this narrative, the two major political parties have switched constituencies. The Republican Party, particularly under President Trump, is now the new Working Class People’s Party, while the Democrats have become the haven of rich and corrupt elites. The elections … Read more

Homeschooling May Be the Only Escape from the Democrat’s School Revolution

Every Democrat who has run for president since 1960 has promised to fix America’s public schools. That promise remains unfulfilled. American schools have not improved, and many argue that they have grown progressively worse over the last half-century. No part of life in America is as socialist as public education. Therefore, education is a happy … Read more

Beware the Godless Narratives of the Democratic Debates

With the next round of Democratic presidential candidate debates that are scheduled for next week, Americans will not hear a discussion of ideas and proposals to solve the nation’s problems, although that should be the purpose of any serious debate. But today, debate means theater. It means posturing. Candidates must capitalize on every gesture and emotion. Above all, … Read more

Will Abortion Doom Democrats in the Next Election?

It is not often that you see political strategy so clearly expressed. However, The New York Times recently published an article by Obama adviser Michael Wear about the state of the 2020 elections. He warned that Democratic candidates need to soften their approach to abortion. He confirmed what is becoming increasingly evident in the battle against abortion. The … Read more

Three Surprising Reasons Why Democrats Avoid Religion

Looking over the political landscape, many point to the decline in religious practice as the handwriting on the wall that the political future belongs to the unchurched, atheists and agnostics. Liberals conclude it is only a matter of time before the secular tide will turn in their favor. Let people cling to their religion for … Read more

Why Are They Circumventing the Electoral College?

Why Are They Circumventing the Electoral College?

A move is afoot to circumvent the Electoral College, especially in light of the 2016 election. States are now introducing legislation that seeks to undermine the institution. Fortunately, Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak of Nevada dared to veto one such bill after it passed in both state houses. Other states have not resisted the temptation for … Read more

MMT: The Latest Liberal Economic Fantasy

A good definition of a liberal might be someone who tries to ignore the actual nature of reality. Thus, many politically correct formulations distort reality even to the point of denying the differences between the sexes. Ignoring the nature of reality can get particularly dangerous when applied to economics. The nature of money calls for having sufficient … Read more