Putting the Capitol Invasion, Joe Biden, and American Politics in Perspective

Putting the Capitol Invasion, Joe Biden, and American Politics in Perspective
Putting the Capitol Invasion, Joe Biden, and American Politics in Perspective

Following the Capitol invasion and Joe Biden’s inauguration, most American conservatives are feeling disoriented, fearful and even in despair about America’s future. This is not entirely unreasonable. Democrats want to impose California-style election laws on the whole country, admit the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico as states and outright persecute conservative speech – ensuring a permanent liberal majority. But even at this hour of apparent triumph, the fact remains that the American left is suffering fundamental weaknesses that can and should be exploited by the right. It can be defeated if only the right will unite around a Counter-Revolutionary banner.

The spectacle of thousands of protesters vandalizing the United States Capitol on January 6 shocked a country desensitized to shocking events. The symbol of American government and power was damaged, only this time not by British troops but by American citizens. Five people, including one member of the Capitol police, died due to the invasion, and sixty police officers were injured.

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But the images of Americans invading and damaging the Capitol was doubly shocking because the invaders were from the right. American conservatives have always defended “law and order” and getting tough on crime. Conservatives are the natural defenders of the traditional social order. Illegal violence contradicts the very purpose of conservatism, which is to preserve order, while the left has always sought to overthrow order.

It was far from the first act of violence in America’s political divide, of course. Antifa and BLM – with the full support of the liberal media – have been killing, looting, and burning American cities for months. The riots killed at least 29 people, caused over $2 billion in damage and gravely wounded once-great American cities.

To paraphrase the nineteenth-century Austrian diplomat Prince Felix of Schwarzenberg, the American left is shocking the world by the depth of its hypocrisy. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Chris Cuomo, Nikole Hannah-Jones, Don Lemon and countless other Democrat politicians and reporters are calling the violence at the Capitol an “insurrection,” “coup” and “domestic terrorism.”

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Yet they defended, promoted, and even celebrated Black Lives Matter violence in 2020. When vandals tore down the Christopher Columbus statue in Nancy Pelosi’s home city of Baltimore, she shrugged it off: “People will do what they do.”

The physical damage, no doubt, will be quickly repaired. The long-term damage to the country, however, will be severe. Internationally, it diminished America’s reputation as a beacon of stability, power, freedom and the rule of law. Anti-American regimes such as China, Cuba and Venezuela are already using both the BLM riots and the Capitol vandalism to attack the United States and justify their own abuses against their peoples.

The right is divided, demoralized, and on the defensive. A major division in the Republican Party is possible, handicapping the ability of the right to stand up to the left at this crucial moment. The media and the Democrats – whether justified or not – are doing everything to pin the Capitol invasion on the broader conservative movement. Big Tech companies such as Google, Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook are using “violence” as a useful pretext for purging anti-leftist content from their platforms. Congressional Democrats, already chomping at the bit to push a far-left agenda, and are less likely than ever to compromise.

Joe Biden and the Democrats Are Much Weaker than They Appear 

Joe Biden will likely try to govern as the most socialist president in American history. He is certain to undo many good policies of the Trump presidency, from abortion to environmentalism to rebuilding the military. He will damage the country, perhaps irrevocably. Even so, the American left is much weaker than it appears.

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With nearly every institution controlled by the left and after four years of non-stop media propaganda, Joe Biden and the Democrats were supposed to win in a landslide. Yet, according to the official vote count, Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump by just over 300,000 votes (or less than 0.5% of his total votes) in the key swing states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

If Biden did, in fact, win by voter fraud, as 75% of Republican voters believe, then it was a humiliating defeat to have to resort to cheating to squeak out a victory. If Biden legitimately won without fraud, then he won by the narrowest of margins. Either way, he did NOT win by a landslide, and he does NOT have a broad mandate. As soon as he veers too far to the left, he will experience a massive pushback (just like Obama).

At a personal level, Biden is undeniably the weakest, most uninspiring president since Jimmy Carter. At 78, he is also the oldest man to take the Presidential oath of office in American history. At numerous public appearances during the campaign trail last year, he showed clear signs of mental decline, often forgetting his lines and even the state where he was. He inspires few people and is all but certain to serve only one term, as he himself has indicated.

As a pro-abortion and pro-LGBT “Catholic,” Joe Biden will also have to deal with a unified block of faithful Catholic Americans who will fight him tooth and nail over his immoral positions on those issues. It will force him to be on the defense regarding receiving Holy Communion, as he was on the campaign trail. Faithful Catholics will hammer this issue hard and often.

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Kamala Harris is even weaker. During the Democratic Primary last year, she won exactly zero delegates and consistently polled behind most other candidates. She scares moderates with her radical voting record in the Senate and angers progressives who point to her tenure as California Attorney General. She probably couldn’t have won at the top of the ticket and will have a very difficult time if she tries in 2024. She’s essentially a younger, scarier Nancy Pelosi, a big turn-off for swing voters.

Amid all the controversy over alleged voter fraud and the calls to “nullify” the presidential election, conservatives have mostly overlooked the astounding rebuke the Democrats suffered both in Congress and the states. Democrats outspent Republicans nearly 2 to 1 ($6.9 billion vs. $3.8 billion), yet in Congress, the Republicans flipped at least ten seats, with a possible eleventh from New York (although that race is still being disputed). Democrats now have a mere ten-seat majority (221 to 211). Many of those Democrats who lost are blaming the far-left rhetoric about “defunding the police.” Conservatives must remind Americans relentlessly about these radical proposals pushed by Democrats.

In the states, the Democrat Party also failed spectacularly to flip state legislatures blue. Following the results of the 2020 census, many states will have to redraw their congressional district maps. In states where one political party controls the statehouse, state senate, and the governorship (a “trifecta”), they can draw maps that give their party an advantage.

This is exactly what Republicans did following the 2010 elections. The backlash that year against President Obama allowed Republicans to take several state legislatures and governorships, which they promptly used to draw more favorable electoral maps in states such as Texas, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida. From 2008 to 2016, Democrats went from controlling both legislatures in 27 states to just 13 and suffered a net loss of 816 legislative seats, the most by any party in power since Eisenhower.

To avoid a repeat of 2010, in 2017 the Democrats created an organization called the National Democratic Redistricting Committee. Led by former Attorney General Eric Holder, it poured millions of dollars into state races in thirteen key swing states: Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin.

All that money was for nothing. The Democrats not only failed to flip a single legislative chamber, but the Republicans actually flipped two (the New Hampshire statehouse and senate) and even expanded their majorities in many others. Republicans now control 59 out of 98 partisan state chambers.

Democrats also lost several ballot initiatives inspired by avant-garde progressive ideology. In California, a referendum to repeal Prop 209 and legalize “affirmative action” (race-based quotas) was rejected 57% to 42%. Another California ballot initiative to repeal Prop 13 restrictions on property taxes increases also failed 52% to 48%. In Illinois, 55% of voters rejected an initiative to replace that state’s flat income tax with a progressive one, and in Massachusetts, 55% rejected ranked-choice voting, another Progressive priority.

Four things that Conservative Americans Must Do

How can the conservative movement fight back against the leftist onslaught that is sure to come? How can we expect to resist, must less defeat, an emboldened and radicalized left?

First, we must put our faith in God, not men. We need a conservative movement that is profoundly Christian, and that defends natural law and the Ten Commandments before all else. Our crisis today is, deep down, a religious one. Only a return to God and His order will make a defeat of the left possible. We must defend traditional morality and the traditional family, especially against the culture of death and the LGBT revolution. We must restore the notion of good and evil that has almost disappeared in our relativistic age. This must start in our personal lives.

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Second, we must recognize that the “progressive” left is not advocating progress, nor even a revolt, but a revolution. Critical race theory, the Green New Deal, LGBT tyranny (especially transgenderism), unrestricted abortion, Modern Monetary Theory, illegal immigration, and Medicare for All are weapons in the same army that wants to burn what remains of Christian civilization to the ground. Conservative Americans must understand that they are in a titanic struggle for civilization itself. We must study and understand the nature of this revolution, its characteristics, tactics, and driving forces. And if the enemy is waging a revolution, the only proper response is a counter-revolution. The book Revolution and Counter-Revolution by Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira is a good place to start.

Third, we must resolve not only to elect godly statesmen to office but also to act directly on public opinion through a cultural counter-revolution. Politics, it is often said, is downstream from culture. The left has subverted America and especially our youth through culture: music, fashions, movies, television, schools, technology and many others. Like the early Christians, we must fight a counter-cultural crusade against the perverse society in which we live. We need to act on public opinion, one person, one family, one neighborhood at a time. We need to be more dedicated to our cause than the revolutionaries have been to theirs, to prevail in the battle for public opinion inch by inch. Only culture imbued with Christian principles and defended by men and women of strong religious convictions is capable of resisting and defeating the cultural steamroller of our times. The future belongs to those who fight.

Finally, we need to pray to Our Lord Jesus Christ, through the intercession of His Holy Mother Mary, for graces of repentance, wisdom and fortitude. God sent His Mother Mary to the world at Fatima, Portugal, in 1917, to warn about the errors of Russia and the future chastisements that would come. If mankind did not convert, she said, many nations would be annihilated. We are now witnessing the final fulfillment of those prophecies. It is not too late for America and the world to turn back to God with a humble and contrite heart.