Dignitas Infinita, a Confusing and Naturalistic Declaration

Dignitas Infinita, a Confusing and Naturalistic Declaration

After the widespread negative repercussions about Fiducia supplicans, with entire episcopates refusing to bless “homosexual couples” and “irregular couples,”1 the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith has published a new document, also with the pope’s approval: “Dignitas Infinita,” the Declaration on Human Dignity (which we will refer to as DI).2 A Traditional Document? Unlike … Read more

How Christian Ladies Opposed Feminist Women’s Day

Every year, many ladies look forward to Lady Day on March 8. It is a way to fight the lies of the feminist-inspired International Women’s Day. A quick search on the event’s website reveals its not-so-hidden agenda, under the name of “Women’s Empowerment.” This is just another way of saying abortion, egalitarianism, LGBTQ agendas, everything … Read more

Should There Really Be Dress Codes for Parents?

A Houston high school has just issued a dress code that points out the importance of maintaining standards. In this case, the standard was minimal, and the intention was reasonable. The irrational reaction to it tells us much about the reasons that our society is steadily becoming more disordered. What made this dress code different … Read more

Embracing Christ and the Cross


An authentic piety penetrates every recess of our souls, naturally stirring our most intimate emotions. Piety, however, is far more than feelings. It arises deep within ourselves from our knowledge of the truths that govern an interior life formed in accord with the Faith. To be sure, these life-giving truths are often acquired through diligent … Read more

Gift Challenges for Imaginative Conservatives

Not unlike the times of Our Lord, we live in the paradox of a world in disorder yet under the appearance of order. Beneath the veneer of optimism and prosperity, many people experience lives of trial and suffering due to the lifestyles of frenetic intemperance they have adopted. Christmas is especially a time to address … Read more

A Case of Double Trouble that Molded a Better Marine

A Case of Double Trouble that Sculpted a Better Marine

History is full of tales of heroes whose lives are marked by the great hardships they have endured. However, rarely does a man face the same great hardship twice. Author Leo Aime LaBrie tells one such tale in his book, A Double Dose of Hard Luck: The Extraordinary True Story of Two-Time Prisoner of War, … Read more

Imagining a New ‘Death Machine’ to Commit Suicide

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It was only a matter of time before someone would imagine something like this. It’s called the “the Sarco,”a capsule designed by Dutch engineer Alex Bannink and activist Philip Nitschke. One model is described as a 3D-printable “death machine” that can be printed out anywhere and activated to induce death when the user chooses. The … Read more

Lady Day: If Someone Asks Why You Are All Dressed Up…

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If someone asks why you’re dressed up, be prepared to explain that Lady Day is a special day to appreciate how God made women, and embrace their God-given role in society. That’s what thousands of ladies did on March 8 when celebrating Lady Day. You could sense a great joy in those who told their … Read more

Why Ladies and Gentlemen Are Forbidden on New York Trains

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Passengers, customers or whatever you want to call them are welcome to ride in the New York City transport system. Just don’t call them ladies or gentlemen. The city’s Metropolitan Transit Authority has outlawed the expression in yet another bizarre episode of the politically correct Culture War. “Ladies and gentlemen” is not inclusive enough for … Read more

Reflections on “Taps”

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“Day is done, Gone the sun, From the lake, From the hill, From the sky. All is well, Safely rest, God is nigh.”   Such are the words of the sublime bugle call “Taps.” It is played when the troops retire for the day. It is also sounded at funerals when veterans make their final … Read more