How the Greens Are Taking Down Big Energy From Within

The left exploits the Green Revolution to further its ecological agenda of destroying the present economic system. Its special target has long been Big Oil, which plays a dominant role in the global economy. Bolstered by the support of Big Media, Green activists are trying hard to bring the present system down. The Greens’ relentless … Read more

Why Can’t They Make Beautiful Windmills?

A green new world is coming as activists move to impose their eco-agenda upon society. The present administration is introducing “infrastructure” reform, which will develop green energy sources at warp speed. Windmills and solar panels are all the rage. However, all is not well in the efforts to build a green new world. The race … Read more

Slashing the Green Stranglehold on American Infrastructure

Slashing the Green Stranglehold on American Infrastructure

On January 1, 1970, President Richard Nixon signed into law the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). It requires the federal government to assess the environmental impact for infrastructure projects that are funded or regulated by the federal government. NEPA, which began ostensibly as an attempt to mitigate harm to the environment, has morphed over the … Read more