Why Should the United States Struggle to be Ecologically Fair, While China Does Not?

Why Should the United States Struggle to be Ecologically Fair, While China Does Not?
Why Should the United States Struggle to be Ecologically Fair, While China Does Not?

Today, China leads the world in carbon dioxide emissions, water and land pollution and the reduction of natural resources. Meanwhile, the United States and the West try hard to lessen and even reverse the ecological damage caused by industrial development.

The contrast is glaring. Even worse is the deception. China says it wants to clean up the environment. The current Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, even pledged to build an “ecological civilization” aiming for a net-zero future. However, his actions do not match his words.

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For example, China has built massive hydroelectric dams that control the main rivers in Southeast Asia. Because of faulty design, these projects have damaged the rice agriculture in that area and have failed to deliver the promised electricity and irrigation.

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, China is unable to supply the water necessary to support its industrial economy. Today, over 75% of China’s surface water supply is contaminated and undrinkable.

Under current United Nations standards, the lack of water in Beijing places the megalopolis in a state of “extreme water scarcity.”

However, there is no global pushback against China for this poor environmental record.

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Beijing has avoided most of this pushback by committing to work toward a net-zero emissions goal and claiming to provide development assistance to the struggling countries of the Southern Hemisphere. However, it has not acted on these eco-promises.

Last year, for example, China backed out of its net-zero commitment with almost no public outcry.

China continues to be the world’s leading emitter of carbon dioxide, with emission levels 50% higher than those of the U.S., Europe and Japan combined.

China also builds military facilities on top of coral reefs to control fishing and sea lanes in the Yellow and South China Seas. In the process, it destroyed 90 square miles of coral reefs.

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This problem has always existed in Communist China. Tolerance of pollution was even an official policy. Former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping saw the degradation of the environment as a “necessary evil” for Chinese development.

China must be held responsible for its damage to the environment. The West needs to put its foot down and insist that Beijing change its ways. It must wake up and demand accountability.

Photo Credit: © Mike Mareen – stock.adobe.com