Exorcist Reveals Strongest Weapons in War on Satan

Exorcist Reveals Strongest Weapons in War on Satan

America is a modern-day spiritual battlefield in which the influence of Satanism grows with each passing day. Satanic objects are readily available from retailers who once would have avoided selling them. Satanists have hosted gatherings at places as diverse as Harvard University and Oklahoma City. In 2014, secularists attempted to have a forty-foot-high World War … Read more

This Is How Saint Michael Cast Out Satan From Robbie Mannheim

This year marks the seventieth anniversary of the only documented exorcism in the United States of America.1 This is important because one of the biggest lies of the devil is to convince mankind that he does not exist. This perhaps explains the stunned reaction of audiences to the dramatized version of this exorcism in the 1973 … Read more

The Little Girl Satanist Next Door

In a parents’ mind there are few horrors that come close to the sense that their child could be senselessly and seriously harmed. That is the reason that the attempted stabbings of middle school students in Polk County, Florida is so compelling. A Violent Eruption of Evil The would-be assailants were female students at Bartow … Read more