10 Forgotten Facts About Fatima and Why You Should Know Them

10 Forgotten Facts About Fatima and Why You Should Know Them

While many Fatima devotees know the salient aspects of Our Lady’s message and the various events surrounding the apparitions, certain details or nuances could yet be overlooked. We dare offer here several points for study and reflection in the hope they will help one better appreciate the meaning of the Fatima message: 1. A Seventh … Read more

Are the Russians on Board with the Fatima Message?

Are the Russians on Board with the Fatima Message?

The war in Ukraine has catapulted the Fatima Message into the center of discussions. The Mother of God’s mysterious 1917 references to Russia and its errors are the backdrop to the death toll and destruction in Ukraine: “If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace. If not, she will … Read more

Why do the Jesuits Ridicule Faithful Catholics Who Pray the Holy Rosary?

Why do the Jesuits Ridicule Faithful Catholics Who Pray the Holy Rosary?

Occasionally, I look at America Magazine, which calls itself “The Jesuit Review.” Usually, I try to find out what so-called liberal Catholics say about traditionalists like myself. Sometimes, I want to understand their take on a particular issue about which I am writing. A Priest’s Confession I recently went to America’s home page to read … Read more

We Need a Great Reset (Not the One You’re Thinking of)

There is a major plan for change in society that is called the Great Reset.  Rarely have I seen a plan so openly laid out to the public. Time magazine devoted a whole issue to the subject. Most major corporation CEOs (the Davos crowd) have signed on to the proposal. This is beyond conspiracy theory; … Read more

Stunning Link Between Fatima and the 2020 General Election

Among conservatives, the 2020 elections had the best intentions of defending vaguely Christian principles in an aggressive neo-pagan world. Neither side entirely prevailed. Indeed, the nation’s county-electoral map remains the same vast red rural sea with urban islands of blue that first appeared in the Presidential election of 2000. Such has been the course of … Read more

Woodstock at 50: The Anti-Fatima Event That Should Not Be Celebrated

On August 15–17, 1969, the Woodstock Music and Art Fair was held on a 600-acre dairy farm near Bethel, New York. Today marks the fiftieth anniversary of this monumental cultural event that marked an epoch. Woodstock changed America. It helped usher in a period of moral devastation. The event enshrined free love as acceptable in … Read more

This Is How Saint Michael Cast Out Satan From Robbie Mannheim

This year marks the seventieth anniversary of the only documented exorcism in the United States of America.1 This is important because one of the biggest lies of the devil is to convince mankind that he does not exist. This perhaps explains the stunned reaction of audiences to the dramatized version of this exorcism in the 1973 … Read more

Woodrow Wilson or the Virgin Mary: Who Was Right About Peace?

Arrogant men throughout history have claimed that they can establish peace on earth. Modern examples abound. The United Nations Charter talks of faith, but not of God. At their “summit meetings” world leaders constantly talk about peace yet it evades them.  All too often lofty aspirations vanish as words are forgotten. November 11, 2018, will … Read more

Braving the Public Square Rosary Rally of Hostility in New York City

On October 13, 2018, there were 21,145 Public Square Rosary Rallies all across America. This special outreach of the America Needs Fatima campaign seeks to beseech God’s blessings on a sinful America by praying in a conspicuous public place. I have participated in many of these rallies over the years. Each time, I have been … Read more