Investment Strategies for 2019 and the Next Crash

I was recently asked for advice about investment strategies for the coming times. It is a reasonable request since we as Christians need to plan for the future responsibly. It makes sense to look at all the options whether they be stocks, bonds, commodities or other assets. If there is going to be another big … Read more

10 Steps to Prepare for America’s Economic Collapse

Can ship be recovered

A “frenetic intemperance” is destabilizing our economy. It is a restless, explosive and relentless drive inside man. It seeks to throw off all legitimate restraints and gratify all disordered passions. The Troubles We Now Face Because of “frenetic intemperance,” our economy is coming apart under crushing debt obligations: personal, corporate, state and local government, out-of-control federal … Read more

What Happens When Money Becomes the Primary Concern

Return to Order What Happens When Money Becomes the Primary Concern

When money becomes the primary concern, it creates a dynamism of its own by empowering banks and other financial institutions to expand the money supply.1 This rule encourages many financial institutions to develop complex new financial products, credit innovations, and speculative instruments that enable them to profit from a tense climate of boom or bust. … Read more

Who Will Banish the Madmen in Education?

Return to Order Always Too Little, Too Late: The Plight of Modern Education 1

Young people get blamed for a lot of things. They’re called snowflakes for withering and melting at the least criticism or politically incorrect commentary. They are deemed irresponsible and accused of merely “adulting” when they manage to handle the life decisions typical of adults. And now the Department of Education’s latest financial report finds them … Read more

Three Reasons Why Bitcoin Is Not Money

Return to Order Three Reasons Why Bitcoin Is Not Money

With the dramatic rise of bitcoin, many are talking about this crypto-currency as the new money of the future. Such a simplification is understandable, since the matter of money is complex. Not all that glitters is gold. Likewise, what appears to be money often is not. Free Book: Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy … Read more

Why the End of Malls Will Not Make Shopping Any Better

Return to Order Why the End of Malls Will Not Make Shopping Any Better

As the Christmas season ends, there is a general agreement that the age of malls is coming to a close. Retail sales are no longer dominated by the vast complexes of physical shops anchored by big-box stores once found all over the country. Indeed, malls are no longer delivering the goods to shoppers looking for … Read more

Saint Albert the Great: Why Property is Needed

Return to Order Saint Albert the Great: Why Property is Needed 2

Saint Albert the Great (1200-1280) was a theologian and philosopher of great renown. He was a Dominican bishop, best known as a teacher of Saint Thomas Aquinas at the University of Paris. He simply states the reason why private property is to be preferred over that owned by all. Click Here for a Free Return … Read more

What Suits Can Teach Us About Markets

Return to Order What Suits Can Teach Us About Markets 1

In the book, Return to Order, there is a chapter on standardization and how it favors the advance of frenetic intemperance in economy. Standardized goods, we claim, lead to the standardized masses. It destroys the human element that gives warmth, life and meaning to economy. In theory, such affirmations are detached and abstract.The best way … Read more

Not Everyone’s Doing It

Return to Order The Contradiction of Our Frenzied Lifestyles 2

One of the perceptions that fuel frantic lifestyles is the idea that everyone is involved in a particular fad or fashion. Especially in our mass society, the penalty for not being part of what “everyone is dong” is to risk being labeled out of sync with the times. No where is this perception more common … Read more

A Brutal Pace of Life: The Fruit of Intemperance

Return to Order The World Is Not Flat 1

Many people associate the virtue of temperance with the control of one’s appetite. A temperate person does not eat or drink in excess. This perception is undoubtedly true but temperance involves much more. Temperance involves the control of one’s appetites, sentiments, passions and instincts according to light of reason. It is the virtue that keeps … Read more