Alone Together Families

Return to Order Do Social Media Always Help Connect Us with Others?

Members of today’s families are more isolated than ever before. The reason is not because of large distances between them. Rather new technology makes this isolation possible. Ironically, we adopt new technologies to save time and effort. Indeed our new devices are faster and more efficient. However, they are also more demanding; they consume more … Read more

Four Reasons Why You Don’t Want the New Amazon HQ in Your Front Yard

Return to Order Four Reasons Why You Don’t Want the New Amazon HQ in Your Front Yard

When Amazon announced its search for a place to put its second headquarters, city and state officials started scrambling to offer the most generous terms possible. The promise of 50,000 jobs and an influx of $5.5 billion in construction costs has made the Amazon proposal an offer almost impossible to refuse. The company has cunningly … Read more

Praise for Return to Order – Joseph Scheidler

Return to Order Praise for Return to Order - Joseph Scheidler 3

“The depth of knowledge and originality of Horvat’s analysis, plus the scope and inspiration of his vision for a true solution to our current economic crisis, make Return to Order worthy of becoming the bedside book for those who believe America is worth fighting for.” Joseph M. Scheidler National Director, Pro-Life Action League Free Book: … Read more

Advertising: Created Dissatisfaction

Return to Order Advertising: Created Dissatisfaction

Everyone imagines that advertising has as its goal the satisfaction of the consumer’s desire. A person supposedly obtains happiness by buying the product. Free Book: Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society—Where We’ve Been, How We Got Here, and Where We Need to Go However, the logic of such a supposition … Read more

Praise for Return to Order — Lt. Gen. Benjamin R. Mixon USA (Ret.)

Return to Order Praise for Return to Order —  Lt. Gen. Benjamin R. Mixon USA (Ret.) 3

“This is a timely and important book as our nation faces one of the most critical challenges in its history. Overcoming the economic disaster America is facing cannot be solved simply through economic policy. Americans and their leaders must put in place policy that will restore values, work ethics, and, as the author points out … Read more

Time to Stop the War on Inequality

Return to Order Time to Stop the War on Inequality

Advocates of equality are only too eager to overthrow the present economic structures in the name of fairness and opportunity. According to their logic, inequality begets a two-tiered society where moneyed interests rule, while all others languish. In this oversimplified ever richer/ever poorer scenario, some kind of action is deemed necessary to level the playing … Read more

How Do We Return to Order?

Return to Order How Do We Return to Order? 2

When introducing the book, Return to Order, I present the picture of a “party” economy that is frenzied and out of balance. One of the questions I am often asked later is: What can we do to fight the present disorder? People want to know what concrete steps they can take right now. They want … Read more

Protecting the Family from the Enemy Within

Return to Order Not All Relationships Are Equal 1

Many parents consider themselves satisfied if they succeed in shielding their children from the horrible influences outside the home. They also need to consider the bad influences and distractions that appear inside the bosom of the family home. Parents should give great attention to developing those warm relationships inside an atmosphere of intense affection. Free … Read more

The Family: Key Element of Property and Economy

Return to Order Faith Brings Harmony to Family, Society and State 1

Wherever there is private property, there also one will find a strong family system. The two institutions are intertwined. The family household as an economic unit has always been much more important to the development of a nation than the isolated individual. Indeed, we can say that modern economy was built upon the firm foundation … Read more

The Mysteries of the Food You Eat

Return to Order The Mysteries of the Food You Eat

If you’re an amateur cook like me, or just enjoy wholesome food, you’ve probably noticed that there’s something deeply wrong with the way much of our food is produced and processed. In today’s mass consumer market, it’s easy to feel like a number when you ask simple questions about your food. The fact is that … Read more