Time to Get Rid of the Chevron Ruling that Is Suffocating Industry

Time to Get Rid of the Chevron Ruling that Is Suffocating Industry

The burden of overregulation weighs heavily upon American industry. It saddles the business world with burdens that stifle initiative and diminish profits. One Supreme Court decision that reinforces and codifies this government regulation is Chevron U.S.A. v. National Resources Defense Council. The 1984 ruling over a Clean Air Act regulation held that when confronted with … Read more

The Green New Deal Goes Sour with Carbon Capture Failure

The Green New Deal Goes Sour with Carbon Capture Failure

Carbon capture is a key component to meet the utopic goals of the Paris climate accords. Everywhere, businesses are positioning to lessen their carbon footprints. They are buying carbon credits to offset their unavoidable emissions. Carbon capture involves processes that industries can filter carbon dioxide from their emissions, especially in energy production. These projects can … Read more

Why Does the Left Accuse the Church in Canada of its Crimes?

Wherever the Church acts, She plays a central role in combatting modern errors. Thus, even in these secular times, the left cannot refrain from its irrational wrath against the Church. Because She exists, even in a state of crisis, the left finds ways to attack, vilify and calumniate Her. If the present problems in the … Read more

These New Words in Education are Mangling Student Minds

How and when did Critical Race Theory come to dominate so much of American education? The short answer is that it came under the guise of words that most people think they understand and favor. These words are later used against parents and children. An example of the stealth infiltration of words is Illinois, which … Read more

Why Learning to Love Debt Is Not a Good Idea

It is that time again when liberals, sensing the possibility of being in control, are revving up the debt engines. So many things need to be done in a post-COVID world, and there is so little revenue to pay for it. Debt is the way out, they claim. Now is the time to borrow a … Read more

What Happens When Bailouts No Longer Work?

The dynamics of postmodern economics defies the logic of times past. Everyone use to know that there is no such thing as a free lunch and that flawed financial acts always have consequences. Common sense dictates that national economies should function like home economies. People should not spend more than they make or take unreasonable … Read more

To the Left: Stop Weaponizing the Word “Selfish”

Selfish is a word that is gaining currency in the coronavirus crisis. Those who oppose excessive lockdown measures can easily find themselves shamed by this latest word in the liberal lexicon, comparable to the expression anti-choice. The word is common enough. A dictionary definition of selfish is the state of being “concerned excessively or exclusively … Read more

What Will You Remember About the Spring of 2020?

One thing, many will remember about the coronavirus crisis of 2020 is that it happened during a radiant spring. Everywhere people tell of noticing the budding trees, the loud symphony of birds and enjoying beautiful weather and sunshine.  In some way, the spring provided some solace amid the crisis. Most cannot say if the spring … Read more

Government Can’t Keep Acting Like Money Grows on Trees

A trillion dollars used to be a lot of money. In the past, most people never even thought in these terms since it seemed so far from reality. A trillion was like a gazillion. Few knew how many zeros were involved. However, times have changed. Our economy has expanded, and the value of goods and … Read more