The Green New Deal Goes Sour with Carbon Capture Failure

The Green New Deal Goes Sour with Carbon Capture Failure

Carbon capture is a key component to meet the utopic goals of the Paris climate accords. Everywhere, businesses are positioning to lessen their carbon footprints. They are buying carbon credits to offset their unavoidable emissions. Carbon capture involves processes that industries can filter carbon dioxide from their emissions, especially in energy production. These projects can … Read more

Beware! The Infrastructure Bill Is the “Green New Deal in Disguise”

When Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez co-sponsored the Green New Deal in 2019, most people ridiculed the plan as the ravings of a misguided millennial. The measures seemed outlandish in the face of an economy built on fossil fuels, unlimited travel and global abundance. Many dismissed her notions as political fantasy. However, such outlandish proposals have a … Read more

New Socialists, New Risks = New Green Deal

Many young people who espouse socialism never actually define it, much less examine it. Some might wonder where these youth got these strange ideas. The answer is that it reflects the ideology of modern education, which focuses on developing opinions, rather than teaching facts. This educational mindset comes from John Dewey, often referred to as … Read more