17 Reasons Why the Left Hates the Catholic Faith

As leftist activism and violence increase, Americans must understand that the leftist agenda represents not just a political movement but a worldview contrary to that of the Catholic Faith. Wherever the left has dominated, a radical hatred toward the Faith and those who belong to it is displayed. However, until the left is in control, … Read more

The Battle of Empty Minds: Can’t Anyone See Beyond the Hatred?

The rash of violence leading up to the elections has given way to the spinning of narratives to explain the sad state of the nation. While ignoring all violence from their side, the left has become especially adept at turning every violent incident involving anyone even remotely conservative into an ideological statement of hate. Liberals … Read more

Homosexual Ideology, Satanic Pride

Return to Order Can You Force People to Sin? 1

[Editor’s note: the following article was published on June 27, 2011 around the time of the events recorded below. Though the incidents listed and described are years past, the central message remains relevant]. June 11, 2011 saw one more parade to glorify the vice of homosexuality. Dubbed, Europride or Eurogaypride, it was held in Rome, … Read more