Why Jordan Peterson’s Surrender on Same-Sex “Marriage” is Tragic

Why Jordan Peterson’s Surrender on Same-Sex “Marriage” is Tragic

Jordan Peterson is an enigmatic person. Ever since he suddenly appeared on the world stage as a teacher of responsibility, self-discipline and political incorrectness, he has been controversial. His tough-love rules for life won him the admiration of many young men who felt empowered by his message. The left was enraged by his refusal to … Read more

The Homosexual Movement’s Heretical Religion

Many heresies that infiltrated the early Church stemmed from false anthropology. An erroneous notion of human nature leads to a false theology and a mistaken notion about the nature of the Creator. Several Gnostic heresies in the early centuries of the Church are typical examples.1 Something similar happens today with the homosexual heresy that has … Read more

Is Pope Francis Changing Just the Church’s Tone on LGBT People or Also the Doctrine?

Is Pope Francis Changing Just the Church’s Tone on LGBT People or Also the Doctrine?

On November 19, 2021, America magazine, a Jesuit publication, featured a video titled, “The Vatican changing tone toward LGBT Catholics.”  In it, Fr. James Martin, S.J., and America associate editor Colleen Dulle discuss how Pope Francis is changing the Vatican’s tone on LGBT people.1 Fr. James Martin posted the video on his Facebook page, saying, “Pope Francis … Read more

Enduring Alabama Heat for God’s Marriage: What Happened and Why the Sacrifice

On April 14, 2021, members of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) answered the call for reinforcements from a conservative college student in Alabama. With a van loaded with enthusiastic volunteers, they drove to the Auburn University to oppose “homosexual marriage” and promote God’s marriage between one man and … Read more

What Does It Mean to Be Catholic? The President, the Cardinal, and Communion for Pro-Abortion Politicians

In this age of secularism, when political life is separate from religious life, it is commendable that a United States President presents himself as a practicing Catholic and publicly participates in the Church’s sacraments. However, President Biden’s Catholicism is sui generis. He does not follow Catholic doctrine and morals concerning procured abortion and homosexual sin. … Read more

Co-parenting – The Ultimate Threat to the Traditional Family

“What’s a “normal” family in 2020? There’s only one answer: Whatever you want it to be.” That is the assessment of Claire Gillespie, writing in The Week. A Generation Battered by Divorce By modern standards, Mrs. Gillespie is not outwardly radical. Her bio states that she “lives in Scotland with her husband and six kids.” … Read more

The Shaky Evidence of “Sex Change” Science

The politics of science is evident. For decades the pro-homosexual lobby has labored under a mighty handicap. They claim a false premise is true. Their goal is to prove – or at least make people believe – that there is a biological or genetic cause for homosexuality. To promote that end yet further, they heavily … Read more