Five Hopeful Signs that Can Encourage us in 2022

Five Hopeful Signs that Can Encourage us in 2022

In times of crisis like ours, there is the constant temptation for discouragement. The challenges we face are indeed great. All around us, there are signs of decadence and decay. Instead of great hope, many will greet the year 2022 with gloom and anxiety. The proper balance is neither underestimating our dire situation nor engaging … Read more

How a Pilgrimage Can Make a Difference

During these troubling times, sometimes a person feels overwhelmed and hopeless.  Some ask, “what can I do? I’m just one person.” Today every faithful Catholic faces overwhelming public immorality, abortion, lawlessness and hatred towards God and the Catholic faith. Such overwhelming attacks can tempt us to think any reaction won’t make any difference. Free Book: … Read more

The Good Surprises of God and the Coronavirus Crisis


As the coronavirus situation stands, things don’t look good. The virus is killing thousands of Americans (as viruses do). The economy is in free fall, hemorrhaging trillions of dollars and millions of lost jobs. The nation is saddled with debt coming from a $2.3 trillion fiscal relief package. The Fed injects an additional $2.3 trillion … Read more

Nearly 20,000 Rosary Rallies Blanket America and the World on Saturday


Tens of thousands of rosaries covered the United States as Catholics nationwide proclaimed: “God is the only solution for our times.” Hundreds of thousands of prayer warriors made a public stand from one side of America to the other with a banner stating “Praying the Rosary for America: As human efforts fail to solve America’s … Read more

Growing Up Helpless in a World Without Hope: Teenagers, Divorce and Suicide

On January 22, 2017, fourteen-year-old Naika Venant committed suicide in her Miami, Florida foster-home while broadcasting her death on Facebook. Her suicide might be ascribed to her troubled past. However, not all teens who commit suicide are escaping horrible lives. Consider sixteen-year-old J. C. Ruf, who lived in the Cincinnati area. He pitched in a … Read more

Why the Church Honors the Blessed Virgin on Saturday


Traditionally the Sabbath, Saturday took on a different meaning after the Passion and Resurrection of Our Lord. The first Holy Saturday was a time serious trials of Faith for the first disciples. The Blessed Virgin alone remained steadfast on this day, and for this the Church gives special honor, as Prof. Plinio Correa de Oliveira … Read more

New Book ‘Lighting the Way’ Gives Hope

New Book ‘Lighting the Way’ Gives Hope - John Horvat and Norman Fulkerson Illustrate Themes Found in ‘Return to Order’

    For Immediate Release Contact: John Horvat Return to Order Phone: 717-309-7147 E-mail: [email protected] Photos available upon request New Book ‘Lighting the Way’ Gives Hope John Horvat and Norman Fulkerson Illustrate Themes Found in ‘Return to Order’ YORK, Penn. (June 5, 2018) An exciting new book addressing the restoration of America’s moral compass has just … Read more

Five Things to Thank God for on Thanksgiving

Return to Order Five Things to Thank God for on Thanksgiving 1

Thanksgiving has become a secular holiday. It is a time for family get-togethers, sports events and shopping trips. There is some, but not enough giving of thanks on Thanksgiving. Moreover, when gratitude is felt, it frequently remains just a feeling that is not directed toward a good and personal God. Then too, when people thank … Read more

The True Meaning of Easter

Return to Order The True Meaning of Easter 5

The Resurrection represents the eternal and definitive triumph of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the complete defeat of his adversaries, and the supreme argument of our faith. Saint Paul said that, if Christ had not resurrected, our faith would be vain. The whole edifice of our beliefs is founded on the supernatural fact of the Resurrection. … Read more