Nearly 20,000 Rosary Rallies Blanket America and the World on Saturday

Nearly-20000-rosary-rallies-blanket-america-world-saturday-9Tens of thousands of rosaries covered the United States as Catholics nationwide proclaimed: “God is the only solution for our times.”

Hundreds of thousands of prayer warriors made a public stand from one side of America to the other with a banner stating “Praying the Rosary for America: As human efforts fail to solve America’s key problems, we turn to God, through His Holy Mother, asking His urgent help.”

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Nearly-20000-rosary-rallies-blanket-america-world-saturday-8Whether in the bristling heat of Arizona or balmy Florida parks, reaching all the way to the cooler temperatures of North Dakota, young and old alike brandished rosaries and stormed Heaven with their prayers. Alaska and Hawaii were not exempt, and Americans from all walks of life, secular and religious, lined streets across the nation to affirm their confidence in Our Lady’s help.

From the Battle Lines

Nearly-20000-rosary-rallies-blanket-america-world-saturday-1Whether in a large group or only a few, Enthusiasm followed everywhere a rosary rally was held.

Jack, from Kansas, wrote: “Our ‘Red Bridge’ Kansas City Public Square Rosary Rally for America was very blessed. Being new in town, we had 3 enthusiastic and good souls who joined the 3 of my family at a busy 4-lane intersection. No signage other than the ANF banner, we got several honks, 5 or 6 thumbs up, and a very welcome double-blast and wave from a fire truck crew — and a car of laughers. Thank you, ANF, for this easy & joyous opportunity. Only Our Lady knows how many other souls had to make a moral choice for or against when they saw our little apostolate in the public square.”

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Nearly-20000-rosary-rallies-blanket-america-world-saturdayFrom Florida, Joseph writes of a successful witness to a large public: “Today for the Rosary Rally in Coral Springs almost 100 people attended. It was very well organized. They choose very good and busy intersection … It was calculated that more than 2,000 cars crossed that intersection during the Rosary. The statue of Our Lady of Fatima arrived in cortege from the parking lot to a visible place in the corner with people singing Immaculate Mary. Intentions and the significance of this event was read by the Captain (this is the 13rd time they are participating).”

Nearly-20000-rosary-rallies-blanket-america-world-saturday-3“The rally is on a busy street which unfortunately has a planned parenthood abortion mill.” said Thomas, from Pennsylvania, “The morning rain cleared by the time we prayed the rosary.  We held a rally banner and an image of the Blessed Virgin.  Many people stopped or slowed down to show support.  We did not have any negative repercussions except for those who showed no interest in the rally.”

Nearly-20000-rosary-rallies-blanket-america-world-saturday-7One rally was held in Oregon by a certain Veronica, a leader “at the young age of 100″ years old.

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In 19 other countries across the world, too, various rallies appealed to God with the same message. Two members of the America Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) held a rally in Saint Peter’s Square at noon the local time asking God to protect America and Holy Mother Church.

The Battle Continues

Nearly-20000-rosary-rallies-blanket-america-world-saturday-11The present battle is unlike anything we have seen in the past.

A more radical enemy is showing up in all forms across the nation. In the world are confused and violent protests, mass shootings, abortion, Drag Queen Story Hours, tyrannical transgender activism and outright Satanism. In the Church one finds scandals are rumors of scandals, to say nothing of the push to change Church teaching on priestly celibacy and evangelization in the Pan-Amazon synod.

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These problems can be daunting, but our outlook needs to be one of supreme confidence in Our Lady.

Nearly-20000-rosary-rallies-blanket-america-world-saturday-6“The present crisis the world faces is almost unthinkable,” said William Gossett, a member of the American TFP from Rome “The war seems to be everywhere: in public schools, in the media, even in public libraries.”

Mr. Gossett continued “The battle is waging. The odds seem impossible. But, if we hold firm to the conviction that Our Lady will aid those who are faithful, and if we do our part to fight the good fight, God will magnify our efforts beyond anything we can expect.”

This is an excellent reminder that God is above every problem that mankind faces, and that He will bring the best out of every situation that we put under His care.

Keeping a Promise

Indeed, while the forces of evil gain momentum, we must respond with the combined force of public activity and unwavering trust in God’s omnipotent assistance.Nearly-20000-rosary-rallies-blanket-america-world-saturday-5

“Times are certainly becoming more difficult, and the devil does not seem to be slowing down,” said Mr. Robert Ritchie, director of America Needs Fatima and co-ordinator of the Public Rosary Crusade. “But we must not give up. As we approach the climax of the final battle, the graces of this Rosary will assist our country in the time of greatest need.”

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Mr. Ritchie added: “We can hope for success because Our Lady keeps her promises. And her greatest promise is: ‘in the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph!'”