When Economics Dominates

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In the modern world, economics dominates. Everything is seen through the prism of economics. However, this is not the primary prism to see life; nor is it the most important human field. Obviously, the primary prism to see life is through the spiritual prism. [like url=https://www.facebook.com/ReturnToOrder.org]   Instead, the modern world inverts this proper order … Read more

When the Human Element Is Not Enough

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By Ben Broussard* Every one of us will have to face death one day. Dr. Paul Kalanithi gives a stirring account of facing his own mortality in his recently-published, posthumous memoir When Breath Becomes Air. His insights about death and the interesting journey to his chosen profession of medicine make for compelling reading, filled with … Read more

Jewelry Shop Economics

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Quite by accident, I came to frequent a jewelry store that would help me take care of those small problems with watches that can be so vexing. I was tired of department store attendants who could not replace batteries or change watch bands. It seemed that every time I took a watch in to be … Read more