When Economics Dominates

When Economics Dominates
“The modern world inverts this proper order in man’s soul, placing economics over the spiritual.”

In the modern world, economics dominates. Everything is seen through the prism of economics. However, this is not the primary prism to see life; nor is it the most important human field. Obviously, the primary prism to see life is through the spiritual prism.

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Instead, the modern world inverts this proper order in man’s soul, placing economics over the spiritual. Although economies are important, it has a lower role in life than God. By placing economy over the spiritual needs of man, a spirit of frenetic intemperance dominates life. Examples of this can be seen in the lives of politicians who place the importance of economic problems over moral problems. There are also businessmen who make of their life a constant struggle to gain money rather than Heaven.


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Men do not understand that economics alone is limited. It deals with wealth creation, acquisition, production and consumption. It does not deal with morality, ethics, or God. While economics is limited, it should be linked to morals and ethics. Without this, economics is self-destructive to society. Yet, this is exactly where our economy is headed: self-destruction.Subscription3

Finally, when economics dominates, it ignores the human element. It is cold, objective, and lifeless. Economic activity should be considered in the context of a social order bound by the general rules of sociability, charity, or justice that must govern human relations. Many problems would be superseded if the human element was restored to society. Economics has thus become the master of men instead of the servant.