The War on the Culture War Flares Up… Again

The War on the Culture War Flares Up... Again

Just when it seemed that the left would declare the Culture War over (again!), someone ruined everything and let off a volley. Old wounds reopened, and both sides are firing at each other with a vengeance. Indeed, the 2021 Virginia election was all about culture. What changed the game was the fight over Critical Race … Read more

A Crisis Brings Out the Worst and the Best in People

Over the past few weeks, the United States has been hit hard by a crisis that is unparalleled in recent history. The coronavirus crisis is affecting all aspects of American daily life from the shutting down of local businesses to the introduction of “stay at home orders.” When institutions break down… When the crisis started, … Read more

How the Despair of Humanism Leads to Climate Doom

Those who sincerely believe in “anthropogenic” (formerly manmade) climate change are a hard bunch to understand. This excludes those who cynically use environmentalism to promote an overall leftist agenda or to sell books and turn a profit. Millions of people really await an apocalypse that they see as imminent. They have a deep emotional connection … Read more