A Crisis Brings Out the Worst and the Best in People

A Crisis Brings Out the Worst and the Best in People
A Crisis Brings Out the Worst and the Best in People

Over the past few weeks, the United States has been hit hard by a crisis that is unparalleled in recent history. The coronavirus crisis is affecting all aspects of American daily life from the shutting down of local businesses to the introduction of “stay at home orders.”

When institutions break down…

When the crisis started, many Americans were unprepared for the rapid change in daily life. A lot of people panicked, rushing to stores to stock up on groceries and sanitary items.

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The virus’s rapid and devastating progress impacted cities like New Orleans and New York City, which are hotspots in the number of cases. Situations like this can be dangerous. Hospitals and businesses strain to keep up with the crisis. Local and federal governments implement panicky last-second emergency measures that don’t work. People can lose faith in their institutions.

The best and the worst come out in people. Likewise, the best and worst solutions start to appear, whether it be a more bureaucratic government or organic Christian workarounds.

 False solutions only aggravate real problems

Many municipal, local and state governments are issuing regulations aimed at containing the virus. While many are needed, some measures undermine public trust and support other agendas.

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California is a state with an increasingly socialist profile. Police in Southern California recently announced it would look into using drones to monitor the lockdown.

In Los Angeles, Mayor Eric Garcetti made the astonishing decision to reward people who rat on businesses not complying with government regulations. While people should follow legitimate government directives, using citizens as a means of policing businesses only breaks down trust.

Mayor Garcetti decided to take advantage of COVID-19 to employ this tactic, declaring in an interview, “You know the old expression about snitches? Well, in this case, snitches get rewards.”

Another state taking advantage of the virus to advance a leftist agenda is New York, which allows its abortion clinics to operate during the crisis.

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When the conservative governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, decided to ban abortions in his state, New York Attorney General Letitia James took legal action against Texas.

In a Twitter post, AG James belligerently affirms, “I’m leading 19 AGs in legal action to stop Texas from blocking nearly all abortion services & using the #coronavirus as an excuse.” She continues, ”In our nation, a woman has a constitutional right to access an abortion & I won’t stand for assaults on women’s choices, freedoms & bodies.”

These flagrant examples demonstrate how the left exploits this crisis to implement an agenda that rejects God and what is left of Christian civilization in society.

Return to order solutions can work

While desperate situations can favor the left’s agenda, they can also be opportunities for solutions that favor the return to a Christian social order.

A Christian social order can be defined as “a social order oriented toward the common good that naturally and spontaneously develops, allowing man to pursue the perfection of his essentially social nature through the family, intermediary groups, the State, and the Church.”

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Examples of solutions spontaneously and naturally favoring a Christian social order can be seen in how many individuals and businesses are reacting to the COVID-19 crisis.

Many companies are re-purposing resources and products to help fight coronavirus.

In New Tripoli, Pennsylvania, an owner of a distillery noticed that hand-sanitizer prices had gone through the roof. He decided to step into the breach. Chad Butters from Eight Oaks Farm Distillery started producing hand disinfectants, distributing them to charitable groups that desperately needed it.

Robb McMahan, the innovative CEO of GelPro, a producer of kitchen mats from Waco, Texas, started producing plastic face shields to protect medical workers from contagion.

Mr. McMahan points out that “A situation like this is bringing out the best in everyone. I keep hearing that it’s bringing out the worst in everyone, but that’s not been my experience.”

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In New York State, many healthcare workers have come out of a comfortable retirement offering their time and talents to New York City’s swamped medical establishment. By making this sacrifice, they are putting their lives on the line to help save fellow New Yorkers.

A return to order means a return to God

These heartening stories prove that many Americans are willing to come together and make sacrifices to help each other through a crisis. But the final ingredient for any return to order is a return to God.

History is the story of nations following and disobeying God’s laws. When people fall into error, God, in His Mercy, sends a wake-up call. The nation must then make an important decision: will it continue in sin or return to God?