Rejecting Critical Race Theory Is Possible and Happening in America

American parents and communities are increasingly rejecting “Critical Race Theory (CRT).” Two representative cases are stunning examples of this rejection. In the Rockwood School District in Missouri, administrators tried to sweep CRT under the rug. In the Carroll Independent School District in Texas, voters openly rejected it. Both reactions resemble the recent rejection of the late … Read more

“Hero Pay” Rewards Workers by Removing Their Jobs

California leads the nation in implementing liberal economic schemes. The concentration of the entertainment industry means that California’s attitudes often influence other parts of the country. One such scheme is the idea of “hero pay.” Many Southern California cities decreed that “essential” grocery workers be granted an extra four to five dollars an hour in … Read more

Four Lessons About the Left from the Violence at the Capitol

The Capitol’s violence has now entered into history as an event of a dramatic and emotional character. The debate over the details and issues involved still rages. However, in the court of public opinion, the final narrative reflects negatively upon President Trump and his supporters. Independent of the merits of the issues being discussed, some … Read more

Being Liberal is not Enough to Satisfy the Leftists’ Blood Lust

When young liberals realize liberalism is false, many describe this process as being “mugged by reality.” Usually, the process is a product of solitary reflection. However, in an age when privacy is virtually obsolete, this revelation can also happen online. One such case is Jodi Shaw and her rocky relationship with the liberals at Smith … Read more

The Issue Is Never the Issue—The Real Issue Is the Revolution

The horrible choking death on May 25 of black American George Floyd by white former Minneapolis policeman Derek Chauvin caused universal outrage across the American political spectrum. Conservatives no less than liberals called for Chauvin to be charged with murder. The Hennepin County, Minnesota attorney is charging Chauvin—who kept Floyd in a chokehold on the … Read more

How Leftists Try to Turn Crime into Virtue

In today’s polarized America, Supreme Court cases are rarely decided unanimously. Rarer yet is a case that is a defeat for the left. However, this is what happened in the case of United States v. Sineneng-Smith. Evelyn Sineneng-Smith operated an “immigration counseling firm” in San Jose, California. Even though she was not a lawyer, her … Read more