How the CDC Went from an Information Provider to Activist Enablers

How the CDC Went from an Information Provider to Activist Enablers

Before the COVID crisis took center stage, public health was one of many aspects of life that usually occupied the background. The public health bureaucracy’s primary task was to collect information that politicians would use—or ignore. However, a recent article from the Daily Caller focuses on how the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) politicizes its … Read more

Why Were Witches Involved in the Protests?

The recent protests were supposed to be rallies of concerned Americans who were horrified by the death of George Floyd. However, many protests degenerated into riots that destroyed parts of American cities. Unfortunately, many capitalized on the events to present other agendas. People who have absolutely nothing to do with the issue of community policing … Read more

Three Reasons Why Chick-fil-A’s Bad Decision Matters

Fast-food giant Chick-fil-A shocked many conservatives when it suddenly announced a revision of its donation policies that excluded mainstream Christian groups deemed hostile to the LGBTQ+ cause. What triggered the decision is a matter of speculation. While company officials tried to deflect the charge of surrender to the homosexual lobby, no one was fooled. Liberals … Read more