God’s Law is Victorious as Horry County Turns Back the Homosexual Agenda

God’s Law is Victorious as Horry County Turns Back the Homosexual Agenda
God’s Law is Victorious as Horry County Turns Back the Homosexual Agenda

So many places have caved in to the LGBTQ+ agenda by designating June as “Pride” month. The idea is to mainstream the designation and make it seem like everyone is doing it.

However, everyone is not doing it. One county just undid it. Indeed it can be done!

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Controversy Comes to the Shore

Going along with the agenda predominated in Horry County, South Carolina, at its Regular Council Meeting on May 17, 2022. Item five on the “Consent Agenda” was the consideration of “Resolution R-51-2022 designating the month of June as Pride Month in Horry County.”

Horry County is best known as the location of the resorts in the Myrtle Beach area. The area is sometimes also called “The Grand Strand.” A group called “Grand Strand Pride” wrote the resolution and asked that the council include it on the agenda.

The resolution consisted of common boilerplate language about ending discrimination, diverse heritage, and the importance of supporting the “LGBTQ+ community.” It passed unanimously with virtually no comment—some sources say that council members did not discuss it at all. Councilman Johnny Vaught was quoted in The State. “Apparently, the Chairman missed it too because it should have been an item for discussion, and we had egg on our face because we didn’t discuss it.”

Another councilman, Danny Hardee, attributed the lack of attention to other pressing tasks, particularly creating a new budget for the next fiscal year and preparing for the upcoming elections.

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An All-Too-Uncommon Reaction

Area resident Mike Saguto described the dismay of many citizens.

“When schools let out for summer—which happens in earnest beginning in early June—one finds the ‘Grand Strand’ instantly teeming with families with young children enjoying the beach, miniature golf, water parks, and a host of other themed attractions and entertainment venues. And now, these moms and dads—spending their hard-earned money in anticipation of a great time away and much fun with their innocent kids—will be unsuspectingly encountering the moral atrocities of “pride” and the in-your-face LGBTQ+++ agenda. Welcome to the “Disneyfication” of Myrtle Beach…”

In using the term “Disneyfication,” Mr. Saguto referred to the overt support that the Disney Organization has given to this movement. In its theme parks, pro-homosexual functions have taken place throughout June, regardless of the sensibilities of other visitors, especially children.

However, many Horry County citizens did notice the lack of diligence on the part of the Council.

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The citizens didn’t just shrug off their misgivings. They took action. Councilman Vaught described the reaction to CNN.

“Councilmen got many emails expressing dismay that the Council would vote for an LGBTQIA month in such a conservative county. We brought the resolution back up at the next meeting, and it was unanimously voted down. Councilmen voted the way their constituents demanded. End of story.”

On June 7, the Council rescinded the resolution. This vote was also unanimous.

Delight and Despair

Mr. Saguto’s reaction was instructive.

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“Perhaps this news may provide precedential fortitude to other local government officials who are being pressured into wokeness against their will and that of their constituents.”

Of course, supporters of Grand Strand Pride were disappointed. They released a statement on their Facebook page.

“Grand Strand PRIDE is disheartened by the action of the Horry County Council at their meeting last night quietly rescinding their resolution designating the month of June as PRIDE month in Horry County. This news dampens our spirits but we resolve to make progress by continuing our advocacy work to make all of Horry County inclusive, diverse and equal for all.” (Emphasis in the original.)

A Sympathetic Press

Across the nation, the press expresses incredulity at Horry County’s resolution rescission. While most outlets briefly quoted the officials who made the decision, few attempted to explain why many citizens opposed the resolution.

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On the other hand, most of the coverage gives resolution supporters more than ample opportunity to explain their side of the controversy.

However, the media hides the fact that the only legitimate sexual activity is between a man and a woman, united in matrimony, committed to each other for life and open to the procreation of new human life. Any counterfeit of this act is a mortal sin that—unless confessed and absolved—violates God’s law and will lead to eternal punishment. To that act of rebellion against God, homosexuality adds a violation of natural law.

An Act of Rebellion

To acknowledge “Pride Month” is to publicly state that the whims of modernity supersede God’s law and natural law. Horry County and its council members had the opportunity to correct their error and reaffirm the only morally correct position on this issue. To their credit, they did so.

Horry County is a significant victory because it lays out the path that all those who would save Christian civilization must take. It is appropriate to take a moment to rejoice in that victory. Hurrah, such wins are possible! All it takes is for good citizens to let their voices be heard. End of story.