Six More Expressions that the Media Are Outlawing

Language is a powerful weapon in the hands of the media. Words and expressions convey ideas that reflect a culture, morality and worldview. Liberal media have long used their position of power to change language and impose their distorted worldview upon America. As part of its orientation to writers, the Associated Press (AP) regularly tweets … Read more

Beware! The Left Is Remaking the World Again

The seditious uprisings in response to George Floyd’s death have shaken the nation. New York Times op-ed writer Amna Akbar calls them “far different from anything that has come before.” As proof of this new wave, she points to the size of the protests and their duration. Clearly, the media’s favorable spin on the riots is unprecedented. All … Read more

Why a Pro-Abortion Columnist Says the Movement Is in Tatters

It is always good to listen when pro-abortion feminists speak frankly about the state of their movement. It reveals the weakness of the other side and helps dispel the illusion of liberal invincibility. A recent op-ed in the British daily, The Guardian, is an eye-opener. The author is Jessa Crispin, a U.S. correspondent for the paper and a … Read more

Three Reasons Why Internet Detox Books Leave Us Frustrated

Technology’s invasion into our daily lives has unleashed a vast array of books and literature that tell us how to keep our gadgets from dominating us. Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life by Nir Eyal is one such book.  It explores the psychological foundations for distractions and suggests techniques that help … Read more

This is the Sure Cure for Coronaphobia

The coronavirus dominates world news, whipping up a hysteria rarely seen in modern times. While the virus has yet to display its full fury, the reaction to it is at a frenzy.  There are two spectacles taking place: the coronavirus and the fear of the coronavirus that might be called coronaphobia. At this point, the … Read more

Can Your “Online Brain” Make You Lose Your Mind?

The Internet is the favorite obsession of the modern age. It does not respect age, social condition, sex, or any other criteria. Users range from those who barely know how to use e-mail to some who live their entire lives in the online world. Sometimes, raising any concern about Internet use causes others to treat … Read more

Why Did the Liberal Media Notice and Ignore This Petition?

For years, I have circulated Internet petitions against outrageous assaults on Christianity and culture. By doing so, the Return to Order website hopes to give a voice to those who are offended by these crass attacks on our Faith. We also ask offenders to stop the offense by canceling events or taking down blasphemous displays … Read more

Information Without Wisdom – Digital Media are Replacing Books

You are waiting for your food at a restaurant. Near you, four diners sit in silence at a table. Each diner is operating a cellular telephone. If you have seen this picture, you already know that digital media have replaced conversation for many. Typically, they are young, but not always. Children, fathers, mothers, and even … Read more