The Anti-American, Anti-Christian 1619 Project Wins a Pulitzer Prize

The 1619 Project just won a 2020 Pulitzer Prize. More specifically, Nikole Hannah-Jones, the coordinator of the project and a staff writer for the New York Times, has been awarded a Pulitzer for her essay that serves as the introduction for the 1619 Project. The Pulitzer Committee cited their rationale for the award saying it … Read more

Can’t You Make this Surreal World Just Go Away?

The afflictive thing about living in our polarized society is the terrifying thought that there is something permanent in our incompatibility with each other. No one desires the present unpleasantness. We sincerely wish that we could get along. However, most people want a quick fix.  They want magic buttons to push that will make the … Read more

What Happens When We Abandon God

After the 2016 elections, many tried to explain what happened. Some theories are not convincing since they seem to hide a darker reality of which we dare not speak. Others appear a bit too simplified to explain what we experience in daily life. To start the process of understanding our crisis, we need a clear vision. … Read more

Millennials Reject the Divorce Culture

Change is very much a factor in modern society. Many of those changes have undermined the traditional family. The results are all around us. Children are more emotionally isolated from parents. Social media has replaced the extended family. Broken homes seem to outnumber those that are intact. Once in a while, though, there is a … Read more

When Misery Has Too Much Company

Misery has a lot of company these days. Perhaps too much. The number of those unhappy, stressed or lonely has reached its highest point on record. America is not alone in its misery. However, it is hardly consoling that the whole world keeps it company. This climate of discontent is the consistent finding of surveys … Read more