Serving a ‘Woke’ God More Powerful Than Money

Serving a ‘Woke’ God More Powerful Than Money

Preparing for the dreaded “pride” month, many corporate firms promoted pro-LGBTQ products and events targeting all ages and even toddlers. Consumers reacted with unexpected rage and vigor that impacted corporate bottom lines. Most executives knew there were risks involved in these decisions and paid the consequences. For example, the Bud Light debacle featuring a transsexual … Read more

Crypto-Currency Meltdown Is a Lesson on the Nature of Money and Wealth

Crypto-Currency Meltdown Is a Lesson on the Nature of Money and Wealth

The latest meltdown in the crypto-currency market is one more example of the frenetic intemperance of an economy that values profits over wealth. The FTX crypto-currency exchange failed when spooked investors tried to withdraw $8 billion from their accounts. A classic bank run that followed threw the underfunded exchange into bankruptcy. The FTX Crypto fiasco … Read more

The Family Is the Only Thing Missing in Biden’s “American Families Plan”

The latest liberal plan to save the nation is the Administration’s American Families Plan. It is heralded as a lifesaver for struggling families. Finally, Americans can supposedly enjoy the long-overdue benefits similar to those enjoyed by citizens benefiting from Europe’s extensive social safety net. The Plan’s wish list is impressive. There is affordable child care … Read more

Who Is at Fault in the GameStop Controversy?

The recent GameStop scandal is not easy to understand. Suffice it to say that it involves stock market tricks that traders play to make money off the misfortunes of declining companies. By placing bets on bleak futures, traders can game the system to garner profits. Such tricks add nothing to market value. They do not … Read more

Why Learning to Love Debt Is Not a Good Idea

It is that time again when liberals, sensing the possibility of being in control, are revving up the debt engines. So many things need to be done in a post-COVID world, and there is so little revenue to pay for it. Debt is the way out, they claim. Now is the time to borrow a … Read more

Three Moral Reasons Why Economics Will Not Save Us

When the economy goes down, monetary theories start circulating. Since most people dislike austerity, today’s most popular theory is spending the nation out of its crisis. The popularity makes sense in a world where no one wants to suffer toward a solution. Magic solutions are much preferred, as all pain is thus averted. Throw another … Read more

The Bleak World of Post-Coronavirus Schools

The segment of society that was least prepared for the Coronavirus crisis was education. The whole education model – public, parochial, and private – involves bringing together children from many families into a single room. Everything from circle rugs in preschools to the large university classes in lecture halls shares this common characteristic. Free Book: … Read more