How Looters Will Make Slaves of Us All

Rioting and looting are happening in many places across America. All it takes is a small incident, and protesters suddenly lay waste to downtown areas and take merchandise from businesses. Many decry the actions as lamentable. Some blame the problem on “outside agitators.” Others try to excuse the acts as the excesses of “mostly peaceful … Read more

Natural Law Judges Are the Only Way to Save the Judiciary

One reason conservatives give major importance to elections is that they know the selection of judges can impact law for decades. Thus, when President Trump selected two Supreme Court judges, many hoped that the Court would shift to the right. The June 15 Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia decision dashed these hopes. What legislators could not obtain … Read more

How the Liberals Became COVID Doomsayers

Until recently, being a doomsayer was a conservative privilege. Conservatives are the ones who uphold a Christian moral code and thus feel entitled to denounce its very real neglect. They have always been accused of seeing divine punishment on the horizon. Liberals generally ridiculed their warnings. However, the coronavirus crisis has changed the script. Along … Read more

Why Sterile Nationalism Won’t Save Us From Globalism

Nationalism is one of those vague terms that appears when a social order is not anchored in moral certainties. The term can take on many meanings, some good, others bad because when nothing is certain, a climate of anxiety takes hold that distorts the national debate. This climate is found in today’s exhausted modernity, which … Read more

Save Us From the Deniers of Hell

Anyone who wonders why the Catholic Church is in its present crisis need only read Dr. Scott Bruce’s “Do We Still Need to Believe in Hell?” The Wall Street Journal article (9/15-16/2018) recently appeared in its popular weekend review section. It was a rather typical yet brutal appraisal of the notion of Hell. The author believes Hell is … Read more

Why Is Prosperity No Longer Good for Babies?

When times are good, families generally have more babies. This is the trend in modern times. Good times generate more good times. The fertility rate of women of all ages goes up. Demand increases and nations enjoy increased prosperity. However, today the scenario is dismally different. The economy is booming as never before. Unemployment is … Read more

Sarah Sanders Turns the Other Cheek at The Red Hen

Return to Order Sarah Sanders Turns the Other Cheek at The Red Hen

It was a small incident first reported on Twitter that later went viral. In the middle of a meal with family, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked to leave The Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia. The staff did not feel comfortable serving her party. Sarah turned the other cheek and left, … Read more

The Growing Tyranny of the Culture-killers

Return to Order The Growing Tyranny of the Culture-killers 1

The controversy around Confederate statue removal rages. Revisionists are on the rampage with all the fury of communist mobs that want no memory of a past culture to remain. They are involved in a cultural cleansing of heroes, legends, and symbols that threaten to fragment yet more a divided nation. The wrath of the iconoclasts … Read more

What Can We Expect for 2017?

Return to Order What Can We Expect for 2017? 1

As we enter 2017, many people are still recovering from the stress and drama of 2016. From a political, social and religious standpoint, 2016 was a year of unexpected and unimaginable turmoil. The year brought us to the edge of a tall cliff. Equally traumatic and unexpected were the last-minute rescues from disastrous descents into … Read more

Returning to the Wellspring

Return to Order Praise for Return to Order — David S. Miller 1

As the stage is set for a great storm, our common peril forces us to look for a vision of life that will serve to unify the nation. We believe this vision will not be inspired by economic reforms, financial policies, or government programs. The question remains as to where we must go to find … Read more