Getting the Fundamentals Right About the Family

No institution in modern American life is as attacked as the family. Getting the fundamental notions of the family right is, therefore, crucial. A small, yet powerful, book, The Christian Institution of the Family: A Dynamic Force to Regenerate Society delves deeply into the nature and future of this vital institution. No one can read … Read more

‘No’: The Word Every Parent Needs to Use


Modern pedagogy — that is, the pedagogical, psychological, and psychiatric schools of the ’60s — advocated that parents never say “no” to their children. These pedagogues taught that prohibiting a child from anything from sucking his thumb to attending bad movies would cause a negative traumatic experience. In May of 1968 the Sorbonne Revolution launched … Read more

Standing Against Satan in Portland

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Around noontime on Wednesday, November 16, the first “After School Satan Club” in the history of America opened at the Sacramento Elementary School in Portland, Oregon. The school is a public tax funded institution destined to educate children. The same school is one of ten currently being targeted by the Satanic Temple to open Satan … Read more