The COVID Crisis Has Turned Society Into a Tower of Babel

There is something almost biblical about the present chaos and confusion. It defies a secular explanation or narrative by its immense scope. Not so long ago, we were one people, and yet now we are fragmented into a thousand pieces. It is hard to grasp. This shattering has been a long time coming. Over the … Read more

How the Left Gets America’s “Civil War” All Wrong

The influential left-leaning magazine The Atlantic just released a special issue highlighting America’s polarization. It is meant to shock a deeply divided nation struggling to stay together. “How to Stop a Civil War” is the menacing cover story.  “How America Ends” is yet another ominous title among others that analyze the nation’s grave internal crisis. … Read more

The Prodigal Son Illusion in America Today

We live what might be called a prodigal son illusion. People suffer from the temptation to live prodigal lifestyles in which they engage in the frenetic intemperance of demanding everything instantly and effortlessly. Such a state promises happiness to those who follow the program to the end.  However, it does not always deliver what is … Read more

Senator Sasse’s Missing Pronouns

In our polarized nation, an “us versus them” scenario naturally arises. We are not supposed to frame the debate in this way. “Us” should refer to all Americans. “Them” is a term that is better not used at all. This is the central message of Sen. Ben Sasse’s new book, Them: Why We Hate Each Other … Read more

Liberals Are in Trouble – and They Know It

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Conservatives often complain about the lamentable state of their movement. They would do well to look left. Liberals are in greater trouble, and they know it. The recent special elections for vacant House seats made this evident. The thrashing liberals received in the 2016 elections were also a sign of an inability to communicate their message. Gone are … Read more

Why Are We Polarized and Fragmented?

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One would think that in this age of high-speed travel and communication, society would be more united than ever. However, the contrary is happening. The mechanical links may be faster and better but the social bonds needed to keep a society together are increasingly broken, leading to polarization and fragmentation. Modernity’s obsession for the individual … Read more

The Loss of Civic Involvement Is Everywhere

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Although it may seem that we are more connected than ever on social media, the actual civic involvement of Americans has fallen drastically. It is something that cannot be reduced to some local, ethnic or income-related cause. Rather it affects everyone and is leading to social unrest, polarization and lack of civility. Sociologist Robert Putnam … Read more