Prayer and Support Police Rallies to Blanket America

If there is one thing that keeps order in society, it is the police’s protective presence. The police are always there when crime and disorder strikes. To ensure that this presence continues, Return to Order is launching a special Support Your Police campaign nationwide. “We are asking our friends and activist to hold Rosary Rallies … Read more

How Leftists Want to Make Schools More Dangerous

The current unrest has the left trotting out its tired arguments to take advantage of the crisis.  The wave of anti-police sentiment has some leftist educators argue against stationing police officers in schools. Often referred to as “school resource officers” (SRO), they provide three functions. They educate students about the law. They serve as informal … Read more

Today the Police, Tomorrow the Military

The Revolution of 2020 continues. More and more calls can be heard across America asking for defunding or even abolishing the police. In ordinary and sane times, these calls would be immediately dismissed. However, if anything characterizes the United States in 2020, it is not sanity. Sadly, politicians across the nation are jumping over themselves … Read more

The Issue Is Never the Issue—The Real Issue Is the Revolution

The horrible choking death on May 25 of black American George Floyd by white former Minneapolis policeman Derek Chauvin caused universal outrage across the American political spectrum. Conservatives no less than liberals called for Chauvin to be charged with murder. The Hennepin County, Minnesota attorney is charging Chauvin—who kept Floyd in a chokehold on the … Read more

How the Catholic Faith Strengthens Police on the Beat

It is politically correct to criticize institutions that do not follow the left’s agenda. While the media are sympathetic to so-called oppressed people and movements, they have a deep antipathy for the police forces who restrain violence and disorder. Thus, violent crime against police is happening everywhere. However, the increase in anti-police violence in the … Read more

When Political Correctness Endangers the Community

The Kansas City Star recently reported on a minor incident at the Country Club Plaza, a popular upscale shopping area. Someone fired a shot in a public square full of citizens. Police immediately responded and tweeted a warning to people in the area. Based on witness reports, they described the suspect with the only information … Read more

Teachers, Police Officers, and Order

Return to Order Teachers, Police Officers, and Order

We have seen now that the real target of the anti-police movement is order itself, and all authority which protects that order. Does this hatred only stop at police officers? What about teachers? The following article was first seen on Traditionalist Teacher blog and illustrates the concerns of a teacher in face of the onslaught … Read more

How National Unity Is Forged in Unexpected Places

Return to Order How National Unity Is Forged in Unexpected Places

As the country struggles to find points of unity during this election year, politicians are offering all sorts of economic policies to bring together a fractured nation. They say jobs, wages and trade will make America prosperous and united again. However, the means to achieve this goal—whether it be by the government or the market—only … Read more

Choosing Christ Over Chaos: America Needs Fatima to organize over 5,000 Public Rosaries for Police

Return to Order Choosing Christ Over Chaos: America Needs Fatima to organize over 5,000 Public Rosaries for Police

Contact: Robert E. Ritchie,     America Needs Fatima Tel.: 717-309-1990 Email: [email protected] For Immediate Release Hanover, PA, July 14, 2016 – America Needs Fatima is pleased to announce that over 5,000 groups are preparing to pray a Public Rosary for Police in locations across America on Saturday, July 16, the feast day of Our Lady of Mount … Read more