How a Network Lost Viewers by Abandoning the Police

Businesses have long based their policies on what makes money. They need to create the conditions that will bring customers back. Thus, when companies abruptly change course, people assume it is linked to the company’s bottom line. If directors perceive something that will impact their reputation and profits, they will find ways not to offend … Read more

When a Good Quarterback Gets Sacked by Political Correctness

Some think that fortitude is a mere expression of physical prowess and raw strength. Thus, for example, a quarterback like Drew Brees shows a lot of courage by being out there on the field. He is the focus of the entire defensive line whose purpose is to bring him down. These very strong and muscular … Read more

The Search for Perfect Pronouns and Social Destruction

Return to Order Why Treating Everyone Equally Is a Problem 4

In 1892, the legendary condiment purveyor Henry J. Heinz dreamt up a new slogan for his new company.  According to the new advertising saying, the company made 57 Varieties. The number meant nothing – even then the company produced more than fifty-seven –products. Mr. Heinz thought that the figure looked and sounded good. Apparently, he … Read more

A Hero and a Coward: The Story of a Divided Nation

By this time, most readers will recall the viral videoes of Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims bullying an elderly lady and later harassing teenage girls protesting at a Philadelphia-area Planned Parenthood “clinic.” Fewer will have heard of the incredible heroism of Kendrick Castillo who sacrificed his life to protect his fellow students at STEM School … Read more

When Political Correctness Endangers the Community

The Kansas City Star recently reported on a minor incident at the Country Club Plaza, a popular upscale shopping area. Someone fired a shot in a public square full of citizens. Police immediately responded and tweeted a warning to people in the area. Based on witness reports, they described the suspect with the only information … Read more